Oh my word!

#photography Salford, 21st January Regular readers know i set up this website to share my scribbles and the photos and events that go with them well, whilst i’ve been setting up Son of Hex….i received an e-mail for my photography from those wonderful chaps at Viewbug. you can take a look at my profile onContinue reading “Oh my word!”

Changing colours

#Seasons #Autumn #Poetry #Nature A Sign that winters on the way Up in the trees, the leaves colours are changing There hangin’ on to their branches for dear life but Unless you haven’t noticed – greens have been swapped for Mostly Reds and Browns, with yellows inbetween Note though – occasional splashes of crimson –Continue reading “Changing colours”


#Octpowrimo #Photography #Digital I remember when photos were stored away on rolls of brown film and getting the picture required alchemy Magic paper bringing scenes of colour to life onto white backgrounds with square borders Trips to the chemist a necessity for those precious memories of a warm summers day to be brought to lifeContinue reading “Click”

Old & New

#SoCs #Old&New #OldandNew #Photography When it comes to the Old and the new, i always go to the subject of photography for a comparison. When i was little i used a Kodak Extachrome camera to take photos of Mum and Dad and my little sister it had a cartridge that looked like this You knewContinue reading “Old & New”


#Photography #Poetry #Fruit The picture of fruit had changed somewhat engaged by the air Red strawberries, captured on film elevated themselves up the spectrum damsons, plums and pomegranates – were confused For each of the fine fruit, picked from the bush reacted on film quite differently to the eye unless you were there – youContinue reading “BlueBerries?”