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  • One to three photo challenge – Sept 2022

    #tsc1to3 New month, new image from the chaps at I liked the image as it reminded me of campfire nights with the scouts. Brushstrokes (oldmaster) applied by Inky

  • Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

    August 2022 Following on from last months 1 to 3 challenge from the Squirrelchase – i’ve continued with the photo editing and found a lovely garden pottery photo to play with! Here’s who we will be playing with this week Here’s the pencil drawing created using Smart Photo….would have taken hours drawing this – with […]

  • Near and Far

    Near and Far

    #Socs #Near #Far Near and Far How Near to where i am would i want to go ? The Local Park Perhaps ? The Local Art Gallery ? Off to the Lakes perhaps? Or a remote sandy beach, someplace sunny and warm?

  • Fantastic!


    #photography It’s nice to be appreciated….. Viewbug have awarded me a “Fantastic” Award for sharing my creativity on their website It’s a pic of Mediacity:UK – taken from the bridge that crosses from the salford side to the trafford park side

  • The last photo

    The last photo

    #thelastphoto Created in response to the last photo Yeah, its strange – two birds sharing a neighbours roof – it could have been something else, a shot taken in the park – or maybe by the waters of the quayside, but then it would have been nothing more than a mere copy of something i’d […]

  • Magic eye

    #Camera its really clever you know capturing birds in flight or excited squirrels running about the garden batched up and processed in a single click exception – getting the image you captured relayed to paper – but its quicker than negatives great device, capturing life in a click

  • Sepia

    #CYW #Sepia when old photographs fade the memories never go away the colours take on a more heritage tone more suited to the past reminiscences held captive in a photograph now reflecting its time and age, even though you remember it like it was yesterday.

  • Oh my word!

    #photography Salford, 21st January Regular readers know i set up this website to share my scribbles and the photos and events that go with them well, whilst i’ve been setting up Son of Hex….i received an e-mail for my photography from those wonderful chaps at Viewbug. you can take a look at my profile on […]

  • Minimum/Maximum

    #Socs #Mini #Maxi Up on a shelf i spotted a conversation taking place my little lego man talking to one of my model bears compared to some of my other old bears – he’s the smallest but compared to the lego men – he’s huge 🙂 Fortunately, the lego man sits on a spot where […]

  • Click

    #Octpowrimo #Photography #Digital I remember when photos were stored away on rolls of brown film and getting the picture required alchemy Magic paper bringing scenes of colour to life onto white backgrounds with square borders Trips to the chemist a necessity for those precious memories of a warm summers day to be brought to life […]