Antique Brass

Amazing condition, given its age noted for the craftsmanship in every curve to some, its undervalued its brighter than tarnished silver and dull gold quite a talking point to visitors of the house unless you’re going to sell it though – costs are irrelevant except when you spot a similar item – and you wantContinue reading “Antique Brass”

Open once more

#Museums The exhibits are rising out on the floor – something is moving movement of visitors feet going round the space making a beeline for historic items and artwork out on display – just waiting to be seen reactions – muted behind a mask – but out on the museum floor – they’re just happyContinue reading “Open once more”

Urban Archaeology

I MMXX a tie to the past using an old numerical system to tell you the year and maybe the time II On a mission to bring Modernity the diggers uncovered Tesserae made from local clay as architects called the uni and builders downed tools for the day III They found some old spearheads, madeContinue reading “Urban Archaeology”


#socs #collect items around a room – connect common nik naks from different spaces different things the people collect treated with the upmost respect on shelves the nik nak presence graces as others pass and then inspect and on the shelf – the humble object with others are cleaned in their places should elders eyesContinue reading “Collect”


#poetry #learning #expectation Salford 16th February A piece on school visits Three coaches rolled up in the car park One blue, one black, one green Passing auntie, the football and the shops Traffic jams were no fun Or Waiting for the man with the sign to Pass go from stop There were grumbles getting offContinue reading “Achievement”


#Fowc #Advance #Museums A group of eager young minds Dropped in on a historical building or two today Very interested in taking in the displays And getting a feel of some real items used of the time Now , anyone could tell their enthusiasm was building as one or two led a Charge up theContinue reading “Advance”

Recipe for Learning

Salford 5th February 2020 A tale of a meet and greeter at IWM North, Manchester Take a good handful of young minds and interesting artifacts from a fire engine to a British tank under some really unusual lighting give them a tale of a teapot smashed and hold their attention with items in a displayContinue reading “Recipe for Learning”

Challenge 30 – no 5

“Abstract ” #abstract #art #technology Creating summat out of the ordinary from something ordinary Created from my computer, watch and android phone And captured and “mucked around with ” by my ipad If I were to give this piece a title, I’d call it “watching over obsolescence”