Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

#Octpowrimo #Brokenpieces Imperial War Museum North, Manchester UK (via the Inkwell), 22nd October 2019 How does someone express the act of war ? take you through a hundred years and tell that tale – that no one else can tell anymore. The man with a vision took a thing for brewing his cuppa and changedContinue reading “Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces”

What’s Awesome?

#Fowc #Awesome Salford 4th June 2019 If this reads a bit like a list – It’s not supposed to be! Things I’ve done, Places I’ve seen Being a cog as part of a much larger machine Taking up writing as self – therapy Helping out run some great events for free Greeting students at theContinue reading “What’s Awesome?”

Here and Now

Salford 19th February 2018 Present I can look back on yesterday Ponder my actions Examine my thoughts Tomorrow lies ahead but sat here in the moment its so far away Preparation – in a short while for journeys to come can ease any last minute nerves The future can wait till the sun rises againContinue reading “Here and Now”


Roots 24th august 2017 they say everybody has roots. those tiny little things that define history traces of who you are, set in your DNA. back when I was studying at university for my HND, I got the opportunity to research my family tree looking back through birth records…to draw up a computer program connectingContinue reading “Traces”

Time Team 2117

Digging Up Your Digs Amongst the mass of paper the tools of this man’s trade old typewriter – style laptop and camera – 1990s grade Books – you’d call them classics Kipling, Hawks, Horwood, and Fforde ? Sharing a space with this writer I’m sure its a kind of reward Doodles and paintings a plenty conservedContinue reading “Time Team 2117”

immerse yourself

Immerse Salford, 11th July 2017 when taking an interest in a subject, it pays to get the most of the subject matter. Do your research, but don’t restrict yourself to a library 📚 books are great, however if you can see an item relating to your interest….it makes your interest  solid..  tangible. Its  probably why IContinue reading “immerse yourself”


A response to the prompt Roots by Brian F Kirkham for the Inkwell Salford 8th May 2017 Like any other little seed, you need time to grow grasp the air spread some branches And when the time is right charged with energy and excitement you’ll take your own flight before landing on the soil ofContinue reading “Roots”

City of Culture

Culture A reaction to the many museums, theatres, art galleries and sports venue in and around my home town   Music of many kinds can be found on my doorstep Artworks adorn many a wall – external as well as internal Northern writers practice their craft Coming as they do – into the beating HeartContinue reading “City of Culture”

Roman Wall – Mamucium

Manchester, 26th July 2016 In honour of the Roman Wall at Manchester’s Castlefield I wrote this brief little ditty. Pulled it out of the leaves of Notebook 1 so I can share it with you all (Artwork created by me – using Corel Painter) Ave! My friend.  and welcome!, sit down.  rest, as you enter this garrisonContinue reading “Roman Wall – Mamucium”