Little bird

Salford 1st March Like a bullet It flew down the street Towards the other side of the dual carriageway and The waterside Local cats, couldn’t catch him Even if they tried – he was too far up to reach Before our feathered friend Islands of Plenty – with seeds galore Ready to be eaten byContinue reading “Little bird”

Heading for the warm

#birds #nest #poetry The mercury retreating was a sign Restless mums and dads Feeding their offspring So flying lessons could begin Up in the nest They flapped their wings Facing the worst The weather could bring And out from the nest They jumped and they flapped Heading for a tree Their mum and dad mappedContinue reading “Heading for the warm”

Out in the back garden

I sat open mouthed as i watched the goings on taking place in greenery facing the kitchen In an attempt to claim a tree in their name two or three white butterflies engaged in aerial combat Flying past the window and around the roof soaring to grab their place on the tree who won theContinue reading “Out in the back garden”

In Flight

Salford 26th August 2017 The aviators are circling again looking for a suitable place to rest whilst the sun is high in a northern sky   Gliding from roof to roof checking out the pickings in lined up gardens   Unafraid and Unabashed to businesses back yards they’ll pip for some chucked out fish (orContinue reading “In Flight”

On a Mission

Poem that appeared in “Writers Cramp” in 2010, For BASIC The pigeon is skipping down the lane, on a Mission. He’s looking for that bit of fish, from the open sardine tin, left by the daytripper at St Francis’ Basin. Or the Half Eaten Sandwich, Left in the bins By the Designer at the OutletContinue reading “On a Mission”