The best pet i never had

Another #Napowrimo prompt from Maire @ #Writeclub enjoy the poem! I In my life i’ve had a few pets and lots of trips to the local vets i’ve had a dog and lots of cats but i’ve never had a giant fruit bat II You see i always saw them at the zoo and watchedContinue reading “The best pet i never had”

Art in Glass

#Art #Stained Glass #Marble The hot molten glass found its way around each leaden nook and cranny not what you would call your average coloured glass tones mingled past lead colours falling through the cut panels of crystal painting floor patterns Movement by Sunshine makes the bird in the wired glass look as it takesContinue reading “Art in Glass”

The visitor

#birds #summer He landed last night having visited someplace sunny having spotted the green and blues and pinks he decided to stay around for a while The locals were friendly advising on spots over the fence where for a little bit of effort you could get a really good feed You could find a spaContinue reading “The visitor”

Birds on a church spire

Salford and Manchester, March 1st 2021 Welcome! they chirp to the grandest birdhouse anywhere around the previous owners left a while back and there’s plenty of room to build a grand nest with five floors to move around – there’s space to rest feed your brood and practice the fine arts of swooping , flyingContinue reading “Birds on a church spire”


#MLMM The lightest of things can bring the darkest moments coming back home from dancing the light fandango light as a feather you ascended the stairs like you were floating on a cloud angelic thoughts turned dark as you took flight travelling through the air from a stray marble on reflection – it wasn’t aContinue reading “Whoops!”


A write club acrostic, written by inky. #Imperialwarmuseum #Airfix #Planes #Squadron #Military #Aircraft Sat atop a great height quite a few planes, old and new used to being in hangars, have found a home by the waters of a canal definitely a peacetime operation red arrows escorting a Spitfire veteran and other D-Day participants –Continue reading “Squadron”

Little bird

Salford 1st March Like a bullet It flew down the street Towards the other side of the dual carriageway and The waterside Local cats, couldn’t catch him Even if they tried – he was too far up to reach Before our feathered friend Islands of Plenty – with seeds galore Ready to be eaten byContinue reading “Little bird”

Heading for the warm

#birds #nest #poetry The mercury retreating was a sign Restless mums and dads Feeding their offspring So flying lessons could begin Up in the nest They flapped their wings Facing the worst The weather could bring And out from the nest They jumped and they flapped Heading for a tree Their mum and dad mappedContinue reading “Heading for the warm”