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  • Vigil

    #Memorial #Requiem Very solemn service in remembrance of someone gratefully appreciated in the villages, towns, and cities loss – cannot be measured debt – equally so

  • Poppies return

    #rememberance #poppies Something grand has fallen softly on the floor of the war museum numbers of red poppies fall down from a point in the sky you may ask – why ? to remember those on flanders field and other battles now revealed now tumbled down to museum floor and remembered – the fallen – […]

  • Manchester


    Manchester An acrostic in memoriam to those affected by the Manchester Arena Bomb My sister city As days go on Never forget those Cherished individuals Heaven’s doors are surely open Everyone remember those who fell – but Stay strong – don’t allow Those who did this to win Everyone knows what a great place you […]

  • Echoes of the past

    Echo Maybe it was the fact – I knew the way, Edging to go down this way and not the other way I knew Moments recalled – at the sight of an Old rusting metal fence, encircling bright shiny new towers Recollections of a time – a place of learning was here In which i’d […]

  • Two Minute Silence

    Two Minute Silence

    11th November 2016 Imperial War Museum North, Trafford, Manchester It was Armistice Day today I was attending Imperial war museum north, in preparation for their Volunteer Celebration Choir with the Museum of Science and Industry and The Manchester Museum But for Two minutes today – we stood in silence to remember those who fought and were lost […]

  • New Day of Vollying

    New Day of Vollying

    Monday Afternoon saw me returning back over the Bridge to the Home of the Imperial War Museum in the North, on the Trafford side of the Manchester Ship Canal Today has seen me on the Information point Handling trolley, where visitors from all around the country have been able to look at objects and pick them […]

  • A Busman’s Holiday (with a Lancastrian Twist)

    A Busman’s Holiday (with a Lancastrian Twist)

    Bury , 22nd June 2016 Today I took my camera on the tram to Bury, and met up with fellow Imperial War Museum (North) volunteers at the regimental museum of the Lancashire Fusiliers. The Lancashire Fusiliers fought in battles all over the world during their time as a regiment in the United Kingdom, and this […]

  • Letter to Pratchett

    Letter to Pratchett

    #NaPoWriMo #fanletter #PTerry A fan letter to the late #TerryPratchett, (who I met at a Book signing in Manchester back in 2003). Hi there Terry, It’s me, the Lanky lad from Lancashire Memories of meeting you in Manchester Along with an Army of other readers Discussing our favourite Discworld books, As we waited in the […]

  • Remembrance Sunday

    Remembrance Sunday

    It was Remembrance Sunday today. I went to church this morning at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Josephs RC in Ordsall, Salford, where we remembered all those who fell in conflict.  The church Belfry was rebuilt in 1924 as a Memorial to those who died in the first world war and the Altar Windows […]

  • Memorial

    Monoliths of mighty stone Encapsulate the names of the heroes Motivated to defend their country. On foreign lands and waters they lie, but in Reality, they are never forgotten. Inscriptions remind us of the debt, we All owe to the men and women who fought Long ago