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  • The wrong key

    The wrong key

    #WDYS The rain had stopped when the locksmith arrived two sheepish lovebirds sat outside his latest job they were looking a bit worse for wear sat slightly damp on the garden bench but quite how they’d managed to, mistake car key for house key was anybody’s guess what was certain was he’d be eating well […]

  • Car


    #writeclub #adventure A car is not an Adventure though it could just get you there saving you the shoe leather or even the bus fare It gets you there from A to B using the various road and track Travelling down endless steel railed paths and buckets of flattened tarmac It’d be great – if […]

  • Travel Issues

    Travel Issues

    #promptuarium #travelissues #snow I A winters snowfall in the middle of spring was, how can you put it ? surprising II emergency scarves coats and gloves distributed from the boot to front and back seats III Waiting for the repair truck along with the others while sat in the white stuff going nowhere IV The […]

  • Queue

    They’re waiting one behind the other lined up like dominoes They’re waiting socially distanced snaking around the car park Line moving like a python twisting and turning each corner of the retail park They’re waiting Trollies at the ready To get the days shopping They’re waiting for that wonderous bargain? No. to pick up the […]

  • Links

    #Socs #Links Like the loops of a chain keeping them together Like the wires transmitting the news to your TV Like the road that goes from A to B Something keeps them together Romans Rolling over Rural Scenes Rocky paths for Stallions and Soldiers Ripping through riverbanks Miles of track traversing the country Making its […]

  • Squeegee

    #fowc #squeegee Someone’s idea of being Alan Sugar for a day qualified ? hardly….but we were definitely equipped up to our eyeballs in sponges, window mops and extremely soapy water. each car getting the full wash gratefully receiving payment for the work we did everyone making sure each car was bright as a button for […]

  • Engine


    Salford, 6th April 2020 #fowc #engine Every mechanic knows – it’s Not the wheels , but the engine that Get’s a driver from A to B It’s truly – the heart of any transport Naval, bus, car or motor bike Exception – if you’re reliant on foot or pedal power

  • Achievement

    #poetry #learning #expectation Salford 16th February A piece on school visits Three coaches rolled up in the car park One blue, one black, one green Passing auntie, the football and the shops Traffic jams were no fun Or Waiting for the man with the sign to Pass go from stop There were grumbles getting off […]

  • Playing in the side street

    Salford, 25th September 2019 #Salford #Children #Parking #Gardens #Street #Sports In order to save themselves some pocket money the sports fans find convenient side streets parking off the main road on the way to the stadium One by one, they move on to empty paving ignoring the call of the parking charge plastered on the […]

  • Honk

    Honk 15/11/2017, Salford Wail like a graceful swan dear driver it doesn’t matter – everyone around you is looking to others – its like the circus is in town the only things missing are your make up and evaporating sense of humour reacting to traffic was never your strong point – and its showing