Penguin en vacances

Chester Zoo via Blackpool beach, August 2018 #Penguin Paying a visit to his relatives upshore eager young penguin travelled round the coast navigating the north wales coast and Irish Sea, he got to the sands of Blackpool, where under cover , while holiday makers and zoo keepers slept into the frosty enclosure he got –Continue reading “Penguin en vacances”

Eleven days in the summer sun

Sao Rafael, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal 25th September 2017 It’s been a really early morning for me. I’ve been sat on a Jet 2 Boeing – 737, travelling through the sky blue from Manchester Airport to Portugal’s Faro Airport.  A Four o clock start meant i had a few cat naps throughout the journey, spaced outContinue reading “Eleven days in the summer sun”

Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E

#CFFC This week, the challenge was to find pictures with words with two Es in them. So, to start off – here’s an artwork, created by me from a stock photo from google.  It’s an African Elephant – and its recognisable by its two big ears!  I chose this to begin as they reminded me ofContinue reading “Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E”

The foolhardy keeper

Jeopardize 😛 He thought it a doddle his second year at the zoo but foolhardy keeper has plenty to do keeping attention of Antarctic birds hindsight – is brilliant the fish not in thirds so he’ll dash around pen as penguins they peck at the big fish in the air as keeper heads for theContinue reading “The foolhardy keeper”

Life Imitates Art ?

Now, this is another Arty post. Consider this pic if you will Its a silverfoil of a Panda, eating Bamboo – I produced this a couple of years back when I was just getting my hand of this artform…I reckon it came out very well. Then again consider this photograph – taken at Edinburgh ZooContinue reading “Life Imitates Art ?”

The Dragon’s Egg

Another tale from the pages of written by me – Enjoy the read Some workers were digging up pipes underground, when a very large coloured egg in the sand it was found. Now, the foreman of th’ site didn’t know what to do, so he called up some keepers from th’ local zoo. TheContinue reading “The Dragon’s Egg”

At the Zoo (Edinburgh)

Looking through my notebooks, I found a poem I wrote after visiting Edinburgh Zoo.  I had been attending the wedding of a family friend, and visited the zoo with the rest of the family after the wedding. Hope you like it. Edinburgh, 30th April 2013 At the Zoo – by Brian F Kirkham   IContinue reading “At the Zoo (Edinburgh)”