Penguin en vacances

Chester Zoo via Blackpool beach, August 2018 #Penguin Paying a visit to his relatives upshore eager young penguin travelled round the coast navigating the north wales coast and Irish Sea, he got to the sands of Blackpool, where under cover , while holiday makers and zoo keepers slept into the frosty enclosure he got –Continue reading “Penguin en vacances”

Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E

#CFFC This week, the challenge was to find pictures with words with two Es in them. So, to start off – here’s an artwork, created by me from a stock photo from google.  It’s an African Elephant – and its recognisable by its two big ears!  I chose this to begin as they reminded me ofContinue reading “Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E”

Off to the Zoo…

In response to the prompt Life’s a Candy Store Now, here’s a challenge Twenty four hours as a six year old kid…. It has to be a trip to the Zoo with my Mum, Dad, and Little Sister. We’re off we’re off we’re off in a Motor Car… Which Zoo ?  Three come to mind. Continue reading “Off to the Zoo…”