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Grin and Bear it

Manchester Museum, 1st March 2021

It’s not easy being king of the dinos

you’re buried under the land

for what seems like ages

and kept away from the sun

so you take a bit of a nap

all of a sudden, something with teeth like yours

is uncovering you, in the cold

and they’re using your bones like a jigsaw puzzle

all put together in a grand place of learning

the other dinos around in the space dont say very much

but the descendants of the cavemen are all pointing their magic boxes at you

so you pose and you smile at the little uns below

as you give them a grin

Health Poetry

Prodding around

Salford, 16th November 2018

Sat in the dental chair

With a little bit of trepidation

Each square ivory, wiggled, scraped, and prodded

As the dentist checked for excavation

Reaction to the prodding….censored

It’s not as if they could see the hole or

Nerve they hit

Got to admit, you could hear the cry from beyond the surgery

Acrostic Health Poetry



together with toothpaste, and a little elbow grease

oral hygiene is achieved all

over the world

this wonderful brush

has cleaned up those bits of food and critters

barely seen in the mouth by the human eye

reality shows up at the dentists

under the magnification of the dentists

special mirror … but with continued use

healthy gnashers are assured

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Stalagmites and Stalactites

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Water moves, winding on

through the open mouth

of a mountain cave


Each drop makes its way

carving grooves in the roof

dropping gently on the floor


Lucky drops cascade down

transported to colourful rocks

at the waterfalls end


Those drops left behind

Cling to the rock

making dragons teeth shine


As moonlight falls on

these pearly whites – minerals

hold on for dear life