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07F84285-F2F6-4D6B-9F2E-1D812B6F7F74Salford 23rd August

a tale of Manchester central, which I knew as G-Mex when I were young (sic)


It’s the place

where mighty wheels

rolled over lines of steel

to take you north and south and east

to wonderous places where stress released


Slap bang

In the middle of town

The rail network changed – they shut it down

Exciting times lay ahead,

Sport and music from the railways bed


Conferences held under railways arch

Entertainment and sport – set among trees of green

Next to connections set up for the place

Travelways and walkways, Roman Wall, Air and Space

Rolling on to Altrincham, Bury and the Quays

And new lines to the home of Man city and the Beeb

Leading to th’ airport and parks and the trees


and just by the tramstop – in the place by the field

the stations old tale is all but revealed

showing the vehicles that stopped at this place

before changes to the line – Piccadilly replaced.

Early Morning

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Salford 23rd August 2018

Squeaky doors

are better clarion calls

than any alarm clock

on the market


Slumbered silence

broken by a cistern

attracts you to the noise

of the nearby main road


Luna’s departure

allows Ra to announce

“The morning is here!

it’s time to get up”


And motorised monsters

or kings of the road

make their way delivering boxes

either side of the tarmac


Solitary Swallow

converses with the neighbours

on a nearby roof –

tweets the news – no laptop required


The rumble of early morning traffic

cascading through the windows

is followed by the crack of an egg

falling into sizzling bacon fat


Kettle whistles through the concrete

up through the bedroom floor

your first cup of the day is ready

milk and two sugars ?




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In the dawn light of a winters morning

its very hard to see

why the important man with his

very important briefcase

should be stood at the platform

getting covered in snow

if he’d listened to the announcer –

a bus arrived two minutes ago

but he let it pass

and like an ass

he stands there in the snow

in the Dim light of the station

Will he catch his train….hmmm? No.

Things with the Letter N

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#CFFC #LetterN #Photography

We begin with something Nautical – the Manchester Ship Canal

(or as we now know it – Salford Quays)


The various waterways are connected by a series of footbridges for Navigation around the quayside.

Located in the Northwest of England the basins are still used by ships and boats at certain times of the year.   Everything from Royal Navy and Merchant Navy vessels to Narrowboats which use the waterway as part of their navigation of the canal network


I like the narrowboats as they’re painted to the owners original design.

Salford Quays has its own narrowboat named after the painter LS Lowry, and it does cruises up and down the Canal network.


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A scene from Playaway, a programme i watched when i was younger

The setting : A Railway Station News Kiosk

(Enter a pinstriped-suit gentleman with briefcase)

Gentleman : Mirror, Please

(Lady behind the counter hands him an actual mirror)

Gentleman : No, Madam….Do you have a Sun

Lady : He’s at school!

Gentleman : Mail ?

Lady : Of course he his !

Gentleman : No Madam, you misunderstand, Do you have a Mail?!

Lady : Well, there’s me husband….

Gentleman : Guardian?

Lady : The Guard’s over there….

Gentleman : Do you have the times

Lady : They’re up there by the clock – but you can’t abide by them

Gentleman : Express ?

LadyWe’re waiting for it….

Gentleman : (Annoyed) Do you sell any papers at all?

Lady : Oh yes, Mirror, Mail, Guardian, Times, Express, which one would you like ?

Gentleman : Express ?

Lady : we’re waiting for it…

Gentleman: I just want a paper – i’ll take any

Lady : Sorry sir they’re being delivered on the express!!!

Gentleman : BAH!

Lady : we do have the late extra….

Gentleman : I’ll take that, this papers a bit old – this is from two weeks ago…

Lady : I told you it was late – that’ll be a pound please

Gentleman : Hold on a sec – it says 50p

Lady : I told you it was Extra!!!!