Another day, Another Creation

#Art #Photography I’ve been pulling the images off my Nikon Camera and shoving them through the various programs on my laptop Took this pic of the local tram and put it through Painnt’s randomizer.  Like the ripple effect running through it. “Drawing” – Roses in a winebottle Pencil drawing from original photo : Roses Cove…… Continue reading Another day, Another Creation

Gremlins in the Machine

Gremlins Salford, 23rd November 2017 Gremlin n. a cause of unexplained malfunction ever get one of those days when nothing goes right ? Thursday evening – and i’m going through the snaps i took with the D3100 the other day. Now take a look, this is how my dear computer judges what my camera thinks…… Continue reading Gremlins in the Machine

Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E

#CFFC This week, the challenge was to find pictures with words with two Es in them. So, to start off – here’s an artwork, created by me from a stock photo from google.  It’s an African Elephant – and its recognisable by its two big ears!  I chose this to begin as they reminded me of…… Continue reading Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E