#SoCs #Holidays Packing our bags again as we head off for a country break camping under some national park stars key to this essential journey – notepad, camera and pencils if needed – wellies and wet weather gear navigation and maps essential for hiking and good sleeping bag for kipping under canvas


#Octpowrimo #Camera #Breathe #Acrostic Salford, 24th October 2019 An acrostic of self help and photography! Back on the corner of the quay Really trying to grab the colours in that iconic building Except – right at this moment – it’s not working for you A time to step back, assess and relax Take five ,Continue reading “Breathe”

Family Photos

#Mum #Dad #Family Captured in a moment of relative calm, A happy occasion with four or five generations gathered round Man of the moment sat slap bang in the centre, wondering what all the Excitement is all about, too little to Realise – he’s getting all the attention from the rest of the clan AsContinue reading “Family Photos”


A response to #Iscriblr’s Freedom of Expression challenge Where I’ve come with my new hobby It was never about capturing a moment blink at the wrong time – it was gone hands gripped around the camera like my life depended on it but then with the picture of a simple silver garden decoration I sawContinue reading “Reflection”

Challenge 30 – No22

“Move the Camera” Its funny how a couple of steps, or a turn of the body can change the view of what you are capturing. I was stood by the pontoon of the watersports centre on Salford Quays, when the Canada Geese came up the centenary walkway for their elevenses. In they came one afterContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No22”

Girl In The Tinted Glasses

Salford 11th December 2018 I don’t know what it is with you. You’re there at the same time, same day Same Reaction to my appearance on the opposite platform Gawping like a primary school kid I’m not an alien – and i’m past caring what old style clothing you think i’m wearing attitude of aContinue reading “Girl In The Tinted Glasses”

Another day, Another Creation

#Art #Photography I’ve been pulling the images off my Nikon Camera and shoving them through the various programs on my laptop Took this pic of the local tram and put it through Painnt’s randomizer.  Like the ripple effect running through it. “Drawing” – Roses in a winebottle Pencil drawing from original photo : Roses CoveContinue reading “Another day, Another Creation”

Looking out for the next image

Salford 4th June 2018 Another photography post, and yes, the image of the local park. I posted it because after my journey into foreign lands, i’m now thinking upon my next photographic project. which turn i’ll take – is anybody’s guess.  however there’s plenty of scope for me to take a look at.   CouldContinue reading “Looking out for the next image”

Applying the Digital Paint,

Salford 6th February 2018 This is a photography post with a bit of a difference. I mean – what do i do with a pic after i’ve taken it ? With my new Nikon Camera (i use that term very loosely) I can already adapt a photograph thanks to the imaging tools on the camera OKContinue reading “Applying the Digital Paint,”