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  • Remembrance II

    Remembrance II

    #remembrance #memorial #armistice #war They gathered in the square about the stone pillar their number there to remember those who sleep on foreign battlegrounds names etched with care – on pillars while keeping watch – a soldier or lion and as time hits the hour the silence fills the air as respect to the fallen […]

  • Cenotaph

    Salford 10th November 2019 Carved into hewn stone each name mentioned someone who never came home now remembered for their actions on those fateful campaigns the list of names shines in the sun as the sun shines on each of their names poppies resting at the foot of the memorial as held silence is observed, […]

  • Long day

    Early morning wake up call Cereal and toast Start of the day To remember most Memorials made In churches and chapels And then to museums Remembering all those alike Remembering those Who one hundred years past Fought for their country First to the last

  • Poppies


    Red poppies are flowing down the top of the earth shard of IWM North Each poppy was created to remember those who fell in the war to end all wars Memorial to the host of soldiers who went to the front Expecting to be home by Christmas Men not only from the home nations, But […]

  • Inky takes to the water

    Inky takes to the water

    Venue : HMS Belfast, London Date : 20th February 2018 Early morning for me yesterday, as i took up the chance to visit another branch of the Imperial War Museum. As a Member of the Volunteer Team at IWM North, I’d been to Duxford, and Headquarters in London…but yesterday gave me the opportunity to visit […]

  • Armistice


    11th November 2017 As the accord was signed Regiments over the battlefields of europe Made safe their weaponry, as commanding officers Instructed their men to stop shooting So they stayed at their post Till the time was declared by those in charge It’s time for the firing to stop , lads – Come back home, […]

  • Show n Tell

    Educate Salford, 4th September I’m sat down having Just got home from the Imperial war museum, in Manchester, where i’ve been helping out in the galleries, helping people around. In this role , i’m occasionally stood by the information station, where various objects to do with the first and second world war are on display […]

  • Flight


    Hoped to see something special – and I wasn’t disappointed

  • Fashion on the Ration

    Salford 5th January 2017 This afternoon, I’ve been helping out at Imperial War Museum North just over the bridge from Salford, by the banks of the Manchester ship canal. Regular readers will know I help out with the computers on the “Your History” information point and throughout the Main exhibition space.  Well, Today I’ve been directing visitors by […]

  • Two Minute Silence

    Two Minute Silence

    11th November 2016 Imperial War Museum North, Trafford, Manchester It was Armistice Day today I was attending Imperial war museum north, in preparation for their Volunteer Celebration Choir with the Museum of Science and Industry and The Manchester Museum But for Two minutes today – we stood in silence to remember those who fought and were lost […]