Dial M for Museums

#CFFC #LetterM #Photography Come up with up with photographs with two Ms in the title OK Cee, I’ll do me best! To start with here’s a couple of Museums photographed in the area where i live…. Most of these were taken #Midsummer – so theres another word with more than 1 M The Fusiliers Museum in Bury holds…… Continue reading Dial M for Museums

Show n Tell

Educate Salford, 4th September I’m sat down having Just got home from the Imperial war museum, in Manchester, where i’ve been helping out in the galleries, helping people around. In this role , i’m occasionally stood by the information station, where various objects to do with the first and second world war are on display…… Continue reading Show n Tell

Capture it….

Enthusiasm Young minds wondered aimlessly around the museum space hearing the sounds around them as they found their place   The colour returned – to their eyes upon seeing my trolley – to my surprise and hearing a colleague veterans tale it was like we’d found the holy grail   Stories were told as they wore…… Continue reading Capture it….

Two Minute Silence

11th November 2016 Imperial War Museum North, Trafford, Manchester It was Armistice Day today I was attending Imperial war museum north, in preparation for their Volunteer Celebration Choir with the Museum of Science and Industry and The Manchester Museum But for Two minutes today – we stood in silence to remember those who fought and were lost…… Continue reading Two Minute Silence