Nature Poetry

In Hiding


Rocks (Image by Sean Robertson)

The fast running stream

creates a moving cloudburst

over the mossy rock

The clouds have fallen

surprising the residents

under the water

Greenery watches

as the white mist promenades

over waters surface

Among all the rocks

who’s hiding in plain sight

family of frogs

Colours Lockdown poems Poetry

Screamin’ Green

Crayola coloring sheet – coloured in by inky – screaming green

#cyw #screamingreen

Sure, you know how to make an entrance

carnivores on the lookout know just who to steer clear of when

roaming the jungle canopies

everyone gives you respectful distance

as they know if they eat you, they

might get mightily ill – and for a meat muncher

its not good if you look the same colour as your prey

night times make the herbivores smile – as you light up the pathways by moonlight

Nature Outdoors



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An Acrostic on Nature in response to the prompt

Growing around the Front and back of the house
Really long and luscious blades of grass are reaching high into the sky
Everybody appreciates its colour, particularly in Summer as
Each little boy or girl goes caterpillar hunting.
Nice carpet on which to enjoy a summer picnic

Go Ahead! Kermit is hiding

Round a water lily in the pond

Each little tadpole enjoying the light dispersed by

Each Leaf on the conifers

Nice shady spot for the frogs