Acrostic Art Poetry


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Doodle from Soccer Alex @

Some say, there’s the start of a masterpiece in that notebook of hers

Kept in a top draw of her work desk

End pieces for show ? No, but look beyond the layers of random doodle

There’s the beginnings of something that

Could be talked about by art critics for many years to come – but for now

Held away, till she’s ready for the world to see it

You could take a sneaky peek – but you would only see the first splat on the canvas

Acrostic Character Poetry

Man on the corner

Salford, 24th September 2018

Sat on the corner,

a man sits with his pencils, paper and paints

lovingly capturing local life

for years he’s being perfecting his craft

only using the same palette of colours to bring

reality of the places he

draws in pencil or charcoal to life

Colours Nature

Blue green


Waterfalls and Closeups

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The painter played with his shades

capturing land and sky

luscious fields of green

meeting up with shades of blue

and as field and sky met Together

at horizon, they converged

forming new colour round middle

where land and sky they merged


Creating A Subject

The Artist’s Eye

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Artist’s Eye.”

The Human eye captures million’s of images every day.  How They are interpreted is a bit of a flying fish shoot.

I’m currently doing a photography course at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford, as part of my ongoing rehabilitation, and living in the city gives an ideal opportunity to capture clouds

A Fair weather day in the city of Salford#

I was so taken by the clouds one day – I wrote a poem about them – “Marshmallows” – which you can find on the blog here

“Light Fluffy Clouds up there in the sky….”

Local Artists too, Had the knack to capture Salford’s Skies, indeed , the picture I’ve posted may have been a lot different in L.S. Lowry’s Time – perhaps down to the fact that most industry bid farewell to the Manchester Ship Canal with the closure of the docks, leaving less pollution in the sky and a much bluer hue.

Art Poetry

Reminiscence of a Muse

  They say poetry can sometimes come from tragedy

A Silver winning poem by me from the pages of

The poet picked up
the photo from the floor
it left an impression

Pressed down in the ground
by an empty bottle of Merlot
encased in finest green

Work of perfection,
destroyed in a moment
by the Artist’s hand

Angelic Form in pastel pink
now sullied in vermillion red
where did she travel to ?

Disappeared out of Sight,
Artists darkened thoughts bright
Across canvass

Phone Call to friend…
Despair down line sends
Ambulance round bend.

Art Poetry

Wordsmith or Artist

A Bronze-Winning Piece of Poetry, Written by Me – enjoy

As each new page is turned,
colours amass in every word written.
Imagery appears out of every verse
as the writers hand, etches out his tale

Descriptions of a summers sky
the colours of the birds that fly
and cotton wool clouds that pass on by
its hard for artisan to try

So listen to the tale, that’s quaint
as picture of a season i’ll paint
in words of colour on a summers day
and those in the garden that go out and play