#Octpowrimo #Painting #Splat Splattered Cat created by inky in photofox Seeing the Canvas there brilliant white picking up his loaded brushes the artist began launching colours towards it like a barrage aiming for areas of the space marked out beforehand the result ? various colours combined to produce a picture of a puddytat


#socs #aspire He sits at his easel with pencil, pastel and paints creating a vision of what he has seen purply blue skies and bright yellow stars coin shaped replicas of earth venus and mars ambition portrayed for the locals to see not bad going for a lad of three and he’s left his thumbprint, …

Painting by Numbers

#Art #Poetry #Writeclub A Colourful Tiger / Painting by Numbers Maybe i’ll never be a Picasso…. and Lowry’s paintings are safe from my brush reality is whilst i can do a bit of a sketch keeping to the borders with my HB Pencil its getting the colours on the canvas right – that’s why the …

Utilize / Utilise

#Fowc #Utilize #Utilise Condiments, Watercolour in painter by inky Sat in the hotel dining room waiting for his bacon and eggs to be dished up he works on an impromptu masterpiece his models not as picky as usual but they’re the stars of this pre-breakfast show while the main act is getting ready


#fowc #sketchy Doodle from Soccer Alex @ Photobucket.com Some say, there’s the start of a masterpiece in that notebook of hers Kept in a top draw of her work desk End pieces for show ? No, but look beyond the layers of random doodle There’s the beginnings of something that Could be talked about by …

Man on the corner

Salford, 24th September 2018 Sat on the corner, a man sits with his pencils, paper and paints lovingly capturing local life for years he’s being perfecting his craft only using the same palette of colours to bring reality of the places he draws in pencil or charcoal to life