Hot Magenta

#CYW #HotMagenta Its not what you’d call a subtle colour and it couldn’t be called pink or purple a fiery marriage where red meets blue but mother nature seems to like using their off spring to bring a bit of eye catching colour to the garden look around you’ll see it every where else tooContinue reading “Hot Magenta”


#SoCS #Scrooge So looking back, How was your Christmas ? Counting the savings from making the kids wait till Boxing day for their treat Roast Chicken and less vegetables than usual Of course, you can defend yourself by saying you’re “Economical” – but Oranges are meant to be eaten, they’re not just a table decoration.Continue reading “Scrooge”


a piece of poetry written by inky back in October 2011. its had a bit of a brush up….inky. empty windows, front and back This old terraced house has seen an attack lined up un boarded on a desolate street overgrown garden weeds under feet But park yourself a that old iron chair takeContinue reading “Home”

Hard to see through

Opaque On the whole – its hard to see through glass like this Perhaps , that’s why, instead of windows – it’s used to produce Antiques of the future – vases and chargers and such Quaint – in the way the colours scatter through it Unlike the light , captured by the spectrum of colourContinue reading “Hard to see through”

Antique brass

#coloryourworld #antique-brass #cyw At times you could mistake it for gold with it’s off yellow patina Decorating houses 🏡 with things from time gone by But it’s much more valuable than that To each wooden door 🚪 its castings and shapes Bring a smile to those who are greeted by it As younger successors buckleContinue reading “Antique brass”

Three coins in the Fountain

Three Coins in the Fountain Salford, 7th June 2016 Three coins in a fountain, in a patch of green in a City in Europe Three coins – thrown in at first light of a Mediterranean Morning Three coins, shimmering under the blue water Three coins, magnified in the wet Three coins, small currency, change forContinue reading “Three coins in the Fountain”