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Photo by Anna Pechuro on

Here’s a girl you see every christmas tide

often seen picking the prickly evergreen

like her life depended on it

later she’ll be putting it carefully around the

yearly table decorations – making the candles look pretty

Acrostic Colours


#Napowrimo #collage #day18


Creative Moments

often came out of nowhere

located from a number of different sources and

launched onto a page

amalgam of shape and colour

generating something most unique – bringing smiles to

everyone who sees it


Colour is often an impetus – pick one out of the rainbow

Orange your favourite or perhaps yellow ?

Lemons and bananas meeting up in a bowl and

Languishing with pineapple till being used in

A fruity pudding

Grapefruit – another yellow fruit – but it’s not

Everyone’s taste


Canvas for your ideas – a starting point

On which….you’ll empty out your living space and

Launch a fresh new scheme

Like it’s a new piece of paper

A collection of things you like

Grouped together and linked by an

Enduring colour – and maybe an accented one



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Photo credit: fotografierende on

Feet firmly placed on

Fresh Formulated Marble Floor

Filling the next stage of the

Fabulous makeover of the house

For inspiration – trinkets and memories recorded,

Four walls waiting for ideas to be transposed

Acrostic Food Poetry

By the Hundreds

#SocS #Bythehundreds #Sweet

Hundreds and Thousands : Stock Photo from Dissolve

Held in a container and kept

Up on the same shelf as the glace cherries

Numerous sweet strands wait for the

Day they decend on the fairy cakes

Rainbow Rebellion? no…more like decoration

Each one looking forward to the

Decadent day they add a spot of colour to the

Sweet icing they land on

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Nature Poetry


#Writephoto #Tokens

In a rock garden, secluded away from the weather

a hardened young magpie, is out to make things better

he’s building up a place, for his mate to lay eggs

or simply for somewhere to rest her legs

and with things he’s located about and around

he’s decorated the nest site and the surrounding ground



#fowc #potpourri


of perfection

taken and mixed up creating



unforgettable nature

releasing fragrances of

roses and begonias and lillies

in the front room

Colours Poetry

Hot Magenta

#CYW #HotMagenta

Salford Street sign – in Hot Magenta

Its not what you’d call a subtle colour

and it couldn’t be called pink or purple

a fiery marriage where red meets blue

but mother nature seems to like

using their off spring to bring a bit

of eye catching colour to the garden

look around you’ll see it every where else too

in signs, on walls and in windows

the future’s bright – the future’s …. Magenta



#SoCS #Scrooge

So looking back, How was your Christmas ?

Counting the savings from making the kids wait till Boxing day for their treat

Roast Chicken and less vegetables than usual

Of course, you can defend yourself by saying you’re “Economical” – but

Oranges are meant to be eaten, they’re not just a table decoration.

Got to admit, the mittens you wrapped up might be useful but

Expectation well exceeded reality


Hive of activity

Salford, 1st January 2019


Since the bells chimed at twelve

Dads been keeping a closely guarded secret

It’s been cooking slowly in the oven

While side dishes bubble away on the hob

Table set, in all its finery

Just waiting for the star attraction

To make its grand appearance

Christmas Cooking Food Poetry

Human shaped

#food #family #christmas #decorations

Salford 21st December 2018

Gingerbread Men – Image by Google – Messed about with by Inky

Expectant faces watched as

Mum and dad mixed the ingredients in a bowl

And as the mix formed and rolled out on the table

Eager hands aimed to create a family

Out of gingerbread

Dad looked smaller than mum

Whilst James loomed over his little brother

But all were smiling

As they took their place

On the branches of the family Christmas tree