Tag: Drawing

  • Pattern Weaving

    #Crafts #Art #Weaving The markers on the grid went around the square and as the coloured string went from point to point a pattern started to form Red and blue and green straight lines moving around the grid and you watch – in amazement as your straight lines bend without any effort

  • Product

    #socs #art #product #pencils #colour #drawing Positioned in the plastic case, from red through purple with every other colour of the rainbow waiting to be drawn with unless you’re doing strictly monochrome , these coloured sticks are the perfect pencils to draw out a colourful scene

  • Portrait of yourself

    #Napowrimo with a nod to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt! It’s a funny thing the colours seem right but your eyes seem bulgy and your nose sits like a pyramid in the centre of your face shredded wheat beard to go with shredded wheat hair and a grin like a Cheshire cat The artist […]

  • Drawn

    #fowc #Drawn captured in a simple moment admittedly its no Picasso but its sending out a message to the breakdown crew heading through the snow

  • 2B or Not 2B

    #Socs #Black #white #Grey Playing around with a blank sheet of Brilliant white paper can be difficult without the use of colour Monochrome worlds with greyish tones can be difficult to translate if your subjects moving about reds turn black, blues black and grey but pressure applied is down to your hand and sometimes your […]

  • Question

    #Napowrimo #questions Where is this country, uncle ? said this rather inquisitive chap he’d just come round from forty winks having had an impromptu nap Can you help me draw it, uncle ? I’m having a problem is true so if you’d help me with this problem i’m having a bit of a do! Can […]

  • Desk (V2)

    Desk (V2)

    #Napowrimo A Place where writing implements go to sleep Hewn from the finest tree trunks a place where the little apes transfer their thoughts using pencil to paper some use pen, some use paper some use crayon, and some use colour words and pictures cascade on the page and then when finished, they return their […]

  • Robin


    #poetry #birds #robin You can’t miss this happy chappie perched as he is on the nearest bit of wood with his reddish hues he’s clear to see and yet very few get close for he guards his spot twenty four-seven hopping and landing on the green lawn to grab an early worm

  • Utilize / Utilise

    #Fowc #Utilize #Utilise Sat in the hotel dining room waiting for his bacon and eggs to be dished up he works on an impromptu masterpiece his models not as picky as usual but they’re the stars of this pre-breakfast show while the main act is getting ready

  • Practice

    I Building blocks of different shape and colour Teach all sorts of useful skill And its lots of fun when they fall over II They might call you a marvel of language but you’ve got to engage with the locals if you want to order your lunch III Your eye is the best judge but […]