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  • Mannequin

    #WWP #Mannequin Call it a teenage obsession peering thru a shop window with the models on show Beauty captured perfectly – in plastic displaying the latest fashions – for mum , nan or even sis Staring at the standing models got more than attention from shop assistants on the display But among the varied crowd […]

  • Brush


    #WWP #Brush bringing a splash of colour to the white canvas reds blues and greens mingle creating something most pleasing to the donors eye artist imagination (or perhaps water) – the only obstacle to transferring the vision to the board Making a mess ? he doesn’t think so all art is subjective when you look […]

  • Ink

    #WWP #Ink It makes quite an impression travelling from well to page communicating words thoughts and ideas from quill , pen or printer to paper

  • Restless


    #wwp #napowrimo #restless Sat on paradise island itchy feet wants to get moving the island in distance seems a much nicer one

  • Element

    #WWP #Element Food stuffs have funny names They usually come from where they first were made but in some cases – you can get away with it Lancashire Hotpot can be made in Edinburgh Yorkshire pudding can be served up in Cardiff but Meat pie – needs Meat in its core.