Beside Me

Salford, March 28th 2020 #Socs #Besideme Saturday morning. Its a couple of days into the government lockdown in the UK for this blooming bug that’s hitting the globe like a whirlwind and for the stream of conciousness challenge – i’ve been asked whats beside me, I’m looking down at the table – the book iContinue reading “Beside Me”


#freedomofexpression #iscriblr Creativity reality is – its your own expression – you can do it through a range of forms – music, dance, photography, or art the choice is really down to you if you want to make something – do it versatility is the name of the game indeed, what you make could beContinue reading “Creativity”

Poppy Hospital

#Craft #Museum #Poppy #Damage IWM North, Manchester 17th November 2018 From time to Mother nature has been at the Implanted ceramics by the canalside X-tra ceramic poppies have had to be brought in Even barriers – and broken ones have to be sent to the poppy hospital Damage repaired with Slip and Glue (and moreContinue reading “Poppy Hospital”

Colourful Swarm

#beeinthecity brought out of the hive everyone is smiling at them… each one bringing colour to the street if you walk  through the city, you’ll see numbers of them by the terraced areas of the city, their hive now used by the residents to soak up the sun each bee happy of the attention theyContinue reading “Colourful Swarm”

The bees have landed

#beeinthecity Salford and Manchester 23rd July There’s been a swarm of colour land on my home city Hard working and landing on the landmarks around the place Bringing a buzz to the neighbourhood! The bees will bee (deliberate typo) in the surrounding area till the end of august Check them all out at #beeinthecity #beeinthecityContinue reading “The bees have landed”

Stained Glass Window

Salford 18th September Poem borrowed from my page at A tale a bit crafty, a bit religious, but all by me Artwork created at Craft Sessions at Brain & Spinal Injury Charity in Salford. As the Sun comes up, its light shines through the panels of coloured glass angling the now coloured light paintingContinue reading “Stained Glass Window”

Close ups and Action Effects

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford 28th July 2017 Today at basic we’ve been carrying on creating action shots from scenes from magazines and books, using props such as toy figures and cars. The resulting shots taken produced some rather abstract results, “The Wave” was created from the picture of a horse – i likeContinue reading “Close ups and Action Effects”