Salford 12th February 2018 Crossroads Coming to a big decision is Really down to you Of course, you have the choices laid out for you Smorgasbord of things to do , and places to go Some helpful advice from teachers, academics and of course, family Reactions from friends – expected – they might be sad…… Continue reading Crossroads

Capture it….

Enthusiasm Young minds wondered aimlessly around the museum space hearing the sounds around them as they found their place   The colour returned – to their eyes upon seeing my trolley – to my surprise and hearing a colleague veterans tale it was like we’d found the holy grail   Stories were told as they wore…… Continue reading Capture it….

Filling in the Blanks

Blank The scroll of paper was pinned to the wall ready for action   It remained as it was for a number of minutes as little thinkers – Thought   Blank white paper with nothing to say but – “FILL ME IN”   Suddenly a word, two or three accompanied by colours diagrams and pictures…… Continue reading Filling in the Blanks