Filling in the Blanks

Art, Arts, Colours, Growing up, Learning, Rainbows


The scroll of paper

was pinned to the wall

ready for action


It remained as it was

for a number of minutes

as little thinkers – Thought


Blank white paper

with nothing to say

but – “FILL ME IN”


Suddenly a word, two or three

accompanied by colours diagrams and pictures

explode from the white – Reds Greens and Blues


Ideas, Opinions, Conceptions

filling up the space

forming a finished picture


And with Masterpiece complete

the story presented

The picture is stored away for safe keeping


Revealing – Another Blank Space


Colours, Rainbows




An acrostic by Brian F Kirkham – the Letters in the Acrostic are those of the colours of the rainbow, as opposed to the word RAINBOW or SPECTRUM.


Remembered by that well known phrase “Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain” 🙂

Hope you enjoy the read ….

Revolving colours

Orbit around a central point

Yellows, reds greens and blues

Go round and around

Being kept going, by the east or west wind

In perpetual motion

Veering left or right – depending on the direction the wind blows


Food, Fruit, Garden, Rainbows, Seasons, Shapes, Weather

In response to the daily post prompt

Delightful little uniform shapes

Round one minute, tear shaped the next – landing

On rooftiles and gardens in a street near you.

Pavements creating pools in their cracks


Daily occurrence in spring and in autumn

Rivers rely on their contribution – to keep the fish happy

On warmer days, they stay in the clouds

Propelling to the ground, when it’s time to cool off


Do you know ? they’re quite artistic

Rainbows form when they fall in front of the sun

On fields they make the green grass grow

Perfect food for a strawberry patch


Dainty little flowers await the

Raindrops to quench their thirst

Over time they amass in great reservoirs

Providing water for all of us to drink


Fruity Rainbow

Colours, Eating, Food, Fruit, Fun, Rainbows

Roy G. Biv

In response to the Roy.G.Biv Challenge on the Daily Post.


I’ve seen rainbows in the sky, but they’ve never been as vibrant as the ones in the Greengrocers shop window

Rich Red Strawberries – it amazes me how he can get them even in Winter, but they’re tasty with sugar and cream.

Oranges – I’ll eat these till they come out of my ears, but a zesty orange sets me up for the day.

Yellow Lemons – perfect for Lemon Dishes (of course) and an accompaniment for any cocktail drink.

Green Limes – the Lemons cousin, this is nice either in a Drink or a flavouring in a sponge cake – Like the Lemon, it needs a little sugar to cut through the sharpness

Blackcurrants – wonderful flavour – works marvels in a local drink with raspberries and grapes round my neck of the woods (Manchester, UK) – Vimto

Indigo – actually the colour of “RED” Grapes – nice in a fruit salad

and last but not least Violet – the colour of Damsons – which when in a jam turns rice pudding a lovely purple colour.


Rainbows, Weather

I’ve never thought of

the humble raindrop

as artistic

But as the sun shines down

over rainy Salford skies

it does something


Using the sun’s rays

as its brush :

It sets up a palette

of seven stunning colours

And as White cascades

through Violet to red

A Colourful Rainbow

can be seen overhead.

Bringing some colour

to a once rainy day.

A sign that soon

It’ll be time to play