Learning Life

Never too old


Image credit; Sasint @ Pixabay

While Nanna taught the little uns

about life before they were born

the crops grown on the farm

and animals that lived there

there was always something

she could learn from her grandson

like how to get the seeds for the fields

in lightning speed – and all through the click of a button

Learning Life Schooldays

Back to school

There was a sullen look over breakfast

Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate

Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term

“Do I have to go” she pleaded,

at the person opposite her at the table

“I could always say i’m not well….”

The newspaper opposite her ruffled

“well that’s a fine state of affairs…..” came the voice from behind it

the children alongside her giggled as they munched on their toast

“Its Not FAIR!” she moaned – thinking back to forty eight hours ago

she’d been much happier – soaking up the sun on a warm sandy beach

A pair of eyes peered over the newspaper

“Look – if it makes you happy – i’ll drive you into work today…”

she thought of turning up at the school gates in the 4 x 4 in the garage

“Well….that’d be nice”

“I’m sure it would be – for the kids….beside’s you’ve got to go to school”


“You’re the Headmistress!!!!”

Growing up Learning Poetry

Back to school again



a time announcing –

the summer is over. No more

creating sandcastles on the beach or

hearing the breakers hitting the shore

exercise books and pencils at the ready

learning has begun again

Unless they’ve sent you to “Big School”, your

New kit will be much like your old one

It identifies you as one of the school you see

Forms keep you and your class mates together

Of course, there are times these are

Rearranged – and to

Many – this can lead to tears

Buildings modernised

Learning now mixed

A combination of exercise books and

Computerised tablets

Key skills shown on paper, whilst

Boys and Girls search for answers

Over the invisible “Cloud”

Reading is still to be found in the library – even if its alongside

Alternatives are available

Digital Alternatives

Industrial Learning Poetry Science

Discovering Energy

There’s a little place

down my street

where two scientists

liked to meet

Discussing science and

things that moved

sharing ideas

in and industrial groove

They were honored by peers

of the grand society

and recognised by titles

and confered degree

Joule House, Salford
Inspiration Learning Model Poetry


#fowc #kit

All the pieces you need

for your little engineering project

are right here…all you need is the instructions

and of course – screwdriver

most of the parts clip into place

so soon you’ll be watching your little creation

learning its way around your floor space

just make sure the pieces are in the right spot

or it might just go backwards instead of forwards

Character Learning

Getting there


based on the prompt “if you fail, try again”

Achievement they say,

is a wonderful thing.

He left the grand halls of learning

with each wrinkle on his worn face

turning upwards

Plenty of Sand had

made its way through

this learners egg timer

Perseverance – the key

and the cracking of those

Mystical codes – they call formulae

Younger peers – had scaled the tops

but it didn’t matter to this elderly pops

for years he’d had to settle for “D”s

but now in Maths – he’d got a “C”

Character Home Learning Life

Desk (V2)


A Place where writing implements go to sleep

Hewn from the finest tree trunks

a place where the little apes

transfer their thoughts using pencil to paper

some use pen, some use paper

some use crayon, and some use colour

words and pictures cascade on the page

and then when finished, they return their tools

to a nice spot on the corner of the tree trunk

some might need a hair cut, for the next time they’re used

but for now, they sleep, dreaming of a rainbow of colours

Learning Poetry



 Photo credit: ′′The Weight of Thought′′ – sculpture by Thomas Lerooy.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge

He read all the books in the library

and listened to the recordings and tapes

taking in all of the info

filling in all of the empty space

until he thought he were tired

leaning his head, on a post by a pillow

only problem you see, was post grew and did flee

flying up as tall as a willow

recorders and scholars, took in the warning

as he was stuck on the pillar well after morning

and split up their learning, with regular breaks

in order they’d keep themselves awake

Home Humour Learning Life

looking up words

#Socs #Wordnotfound

You would think , after years of primary, secondary and even tertiary education

There wouldn’t be a time when i’d need to check my spelling

Then again – the English language is full of wonderous words – and although the grand academics might not like this , some of them have been happily poached from our friends and neighbours across the English Channel.

Some have been invented and Some words and terms have been put in there simply because they’re used in common parlance

Howzat then ? because someone’s asked for a thingummy-bob to fix a watchamicallit as part of a job.

Normally Translated – A Spanner or wrench to fix a nut or a bolt, or an allen key to screw together two bits of wood with those magic screws – you know the ones – Hexagonal holes in the head of the screw

and as words keep on being added – the pages of the dictionary get bigger… And don’t think the computer can keep up – for poor old Hex has to have his Lexicon updated (sometimes daily) to keep up.

The true test ? getting listed in the OSW – Official Scrabble Words list – and there’s plenty in those pages!

Acrostic Learning


#fowc #reference

Really, there’s always one place in

Every library that you can get all the answers

From atlases to chronicles to news articles

Every bit of info is there – which is why the

Revered keepers of these books keep them from leaving the library

Even keeping them in their own section

Now, the good news is – you can access them

Choice reading handy for homework – just don’t

Expect to walk home with them – they’re staying in the library