A twist on Snakes and ladders

Salford , 30th July 2019 Basic and spinal injury centre, Salford. We’ve all played the board game of snakes and ladders before The idea is you roll the dice, go up the ladders and down the snakes all very straight forward , but has anyone tried playing it the other way round ? Where youContinue reading “A twist on Snakes and ladders”

Making my way through Maps

#365daysofwriting #Backtoschool Salford 25th July 2018 If i could go back to school, to master a subject – i reckon it would be Geography i’d do Not English or History (even though i’ve got an interest in those subjects) – Geography. You see, even though i’ve made my way through the toughest routefinder map, iContinue reading “Making my way through Maps”


Brain and spinal injury centre, Salford 26th June 2018 two friends locked in a meeting of minds heads of two mighty armies engaging in rank from rook through to queen keeping an eye over each army is the ruler of the of the land at either end night facing off against day in a battleContinue reading “Chequered”


Salford 12th February 2018 Crossroads Coming to a big decision is Really down to you Of course, you have the choices laid out for you Smorgasbord of things to do , and places to go Some helpful advice from teachers, academics and of course, family Reactions from friends – expected – they might be sadContinue reading “Crossroads”


A few thoughts by inky on todays daily prompt Study Sat in a room, lined with literary works The lad peers through his assessment Understandably, he might not produce the works of Keats this evening, but with Dutiful observance, and conscientious research – he might just do well at his Year Tutors Assessment of hisContinue reading “Study”


Degree As the honour was laid on him the ennobled made a request could the hall staff keep the dining room warm ? he thought that it was best see he’d climbed up great Mount Everest without even catching a chill but drafty University corridors were enough to make him hold still turn up  theContinue reading “Degree”


Knit Knights of the realm could be toppled by this – but Not my mum, or my aunties or Nanna Its where i learned some very basic steps To create a scarf for my teddy bear. To be honest, the twists and turns of loops and purls were Extremely difficult, but by the end ofContinue reading “Knitted”