Health Poetry

Early morning blues

Woken up by waterworks

On the mark of quarter to five

Kept awake by the familiar sound of

Excited cats finding food on the

Night prowl

Unless my head hits the

Pillow soon, i won’t be good to anyone

As pins and needles bite my feet

Golden slumbers seem far away

Aching bones rest on a thousand pocket springs

In a vain attempt I’ll sleep through the rest of

Night time

Life Seasons Time Winter writing

Night and Day

in response to the prompt : Because the Night


Now there’s a word to conjure with.

I could say I get my best Ideas during the first hours of the morning.  There’s plenty to think about, ranging from the thoughts of why my folks insist on leaving their digital radio alarm clock to go off at six o clock on a Saturday Morning to practical elements of how i’m going to spend the day.

It doesn’t help that the winter months are here – but the winter weather is not…as I type its 1.03 am and there’s a feathered friend chirping outside my window as if it’s the beginning of Spring.

All Ideas of Sleep have gone south till birdie decides its time for his nap.

I scribble an idea down on the page…on paper it looks messy but put on my laptop screen it begins to take shape to something that the reader might just take a look at.   Characters begin to take form on the page – frantically drawn bubbles draw pictures in the readers mind

I can see their face, their hair, their eyes and lips

The character takes shape – what’s he – no she into ? where is she going who is she meeting and what for?

She’s dressed up and ready to go…

come morning – she’ll have disappeared from view, but captured in a few thought bubbles on a piece of lined A5 paper in a spiral notebook

Imagination provides vital touches to the picture

and then comes the name – Rachel, Tammy, Sophie, Susan…Maybe Annabel….

Annabel, seems to stick – as does the surroundings I place her in.