#Fowc #Battle There’s always fighting somewhere…. Land, Places Resources, Religion All led by crackpot ideas and beliefs Of course, the one’s leading the charge Disappear off to the back of the crowd While his (or her) men are fighting it out Leaving them chance – to act all statesmanlike at a memorial of stone withContinue reading “Battle”


#fowc #partisan I They never were the strongarmed type but something had to give as a wave of protest moved down the main street II The feet moved down the tarmac from the air they looked like the sea The sound building like a roar passing by the windows III The banners moved on forwardContinue reading “Partisan”

Glass Houses

An acrostic by Inky on the saying “People in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones”   Sat in their opulence A testimony to predecessors past Your citizens watch – in amazement – and disgust In the spectacle they see in front of them No real solutions – just constant mud slinging Gentlemen, ladies ? – nobleContinue reading “Glass Houses”

Glass Houses

10th May 2017 An acrostic about politics – and what some politicians should do from time to time Sat amongst your opulent surroundings A testimony to your greatness, You hurl insults at one-another In vain – but in reality you Never address the problems youre sent in to fix Got to say – that aContinue reading “Glass Houses”

Six word story challenge

As appearing on : This weeks prompt : Mistake Here’s my Six word Story on the prompt “He chose blue instead of red” (Fellow British WordPressers – make of that what you will!)