#fowc #bombastic

A bit like a champion boxer

the businessman turned politician entered the ring

could you call it bravado ? possibly

could you call it unplanned ? definitately

pompously ill-mouthing his opponents at the despatch box while

ignoring his own advisers like nero fiddling

perhaps his own inflated self-esteem

would protect him from any fateful fall

those behind him are just waiting

for the balloon to burst – in spectacular fashion



#fowc #contrite

Could this be the year

Our politicians stand up , apologising for some of the things they’ve done ?

Now, its okay for their supporters

To leap up to their defence

Rallying round and getting spin doctors to do their thing

It’s just a little bit funny, when they need a provision

They forget – quite deliberately – it was they who cut it

Expect some soul searching in a few days and weeks…..

Poetry Politics


#Fowc #Anyone

The ambitious young upstart

looking at his boss

watched with envy

as the boss handed out the cash

and the rest played with their building blocks

Anyone could do that! – the upstart cried

and plotted his way to his bosses seat

sending his boss to a personal hell

and soon from his position at the top – he fell

And the upstart achieved his ultimate dream

appointing his friends to his number one team

ignoring the warnings from others around

as others in chamber just listened and frowned

And while on his pedestal – making merry and all

the one before him was having a ball

pointing the finger at the ones who did push

with cautionary words – look out for the rush



#Fowc #Battle

There’s always fighting somewhere….

Land, Places

Resources, Religion

All led by crackpot ideas and beliefs

Of course, the one’s leading the charge

Disappear off to the back of the crowd

While his (or her) men are fighting it out

Leaving them chance – to act all statesmanlike

at a memorial of stone

with names engraved – of those fallen

Poetry Politics


#fowc #partisan


They never were the strongarmed type

but something had to give

as a wave of protest

moved down the main street


The feet moved down the tarmac

from the air they looked like the sea

The sound building like a roar

passing by the windows


The banners moved on forward

and chanting filled the air

till brought to a halt by the policemen

those in charge – had come prepared

Acrostic Poetry



As things go, that was unexpected

By the time you’ve read this

Rumour spread by tittle tattle will have gone

Universal – thanks to a politico on the world wide web

Perhaps, they may retract the statement – but

Till then – those who started the firestorm need to take cover

Acrostic Life Poetry




all those in power would

like to sit back and contemplate, their

local populus might appreciate some gentler thinking than

extruding a nut with a heavy instrument

take some time, think things through

Acrostic Poetry Politics

Glass Houses

An acrostic by Inky on the saying

“People in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones”


Sat in their opulence

A testimony to predecessors past

Your citizens watch – in amazement – and disgust

In the spectacle they see in front of them

No real solutions – just constant mud slinging

Gentlemen, ladies ? – noble servants of the house ? – hardly!


Someone younger can see the mistakes they make – but they are

Obsessed, by our foreign neighbours – ignoring the plight of the

Residents of this land – perhaps its time for a serious

Reality check.  hon. members – listen to the people and earn the right to sit the next

Year you decide to stand for office

Acrostic Poetry

Glass Houses

10th May 2017

An acrostic about politics – and what some politicians should do from time to time

Sat amongst your opulent surroundings

A testimony to your greatness,

You hurl insults at one-another

In vain – but in reality you

Never address the problems youre sent in to fix

Got to say – that a child, aged three


Sees and understands what you can’t

Overall, you talk the talk – but responsibility is

Royally Ignored – which is funny for a parliamentarian

Reality will bite back at you , but by then all the

Yelling and screaming from you and your collegues will be too late.

Acrostic Art Colours Poetry Politics

Radical Red



an idea – that a colour could influence a change

democratic principles

inked out in radical shades of red

could it be the passions of those men and women wearing it

all across the land, that displays its colour

loud and proud ? Up and down the land ?