#fowc #contrite

Could this be the year

Our politicians stand up , apologising for some of the things they’ve done ?

Now, its okay for their supporters

To leap up to their defence

Rallying round and getting spin doctors to do their thing

It’s just a little bit funny, when they need a provision

They forget – quite deliberately – it was they who cut it

Expect some soul searching in a few days and weeks…..



#Fowc #Battle

There’s always fighting somewhere….

Land, Places

Resources, Religion

All led by crackpot ideas and beliefs

Of course, the one’s leading the charge

Disappear off to the back of the crowd

While his (or her) men are fighting it out

Leaving them chance – to act all statesmanlike

at a memorial of stone

with names engraved – of those fallen

Poetry Politics


#fowc #partisan


They never were the strongarmed type

but something had to give

as a wave of protest

moved down the main street


The feet moved down the tarmac

from the air they looked like the sea

The sound building like a roar

passing by the windows


The banners moved on forward

and chanting filled the air

till brought to a halt by the policemen

those in charge – had come prepared



Salford 1st February 2018


Go on, dive in!

there’s plenty more

said the rich man sat at the table

of the restaurant store

but while he and his friends

where dining on goose

with veggies and stuffing and strawberry mousse

the waiters tears softly dropped to the floor

for whilst those at the table ate more and more

looking through window – were the eyes of the poor

Poetry Politics

An obvious action

in response to the prompt


The corridors of power are twitching

Incandescent with rage

They controlled the nations habits

But someone wasn’t on the same page

So they stopped any thoughtful discussion

And put chemists that made it under scope

Whilst those who were using for therapy

Really were given no hope

As the people who spoke out were censured
And the stations that reported were canned

Whilst actions of rulers went unnoticed

As the use of a medicine was banned.