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Blank Canvas

#coloryourworld #cyw #white




stares into

white fluffy clouds

ideas form

paper awaits




blank canvas

sits idle

blue skies await

application of

cerulean on white




Work complete

ten thousand notes

await transfer of

ink to paper

creating a tune

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Filling in the Blanks


The scroll of paper

was pinned to the wall

ready for action


It remained as it was

for a number of minutes

as little thinkers – Thought


Blank white paper

with nothing to say

but – “FILL ME IN”


Suddenly a word, two or three

accompanied by colours diagrams and pictures

explode from the white – Reds Greens and Blues


Ideas, Opinions, Conceptions

filling up the space

forming a finished picture


And with Masterpiece complete

the story presented

The picture is stored away for safe keeping


Revealing – Another Blank Space