Clear blue water, Clear blue skies

#coloryourworld #cyw #skyblue

water in the lake

paints perfect painted imagery

of mountains above


clearest reflection

mirrors the new horizon

looking straight ahead


lake of clearest blue

reflects colour of the sky

sky mirrors water

Electric lime

#coloryourworld #cyw #electriclime

16th February 2017


Zingy little fruit,

full of zest and flavor

and powerful punch


perfect , placed in a jelly

sparky flavours contained in

a porcelain mould


Sparks of delight

pop off on the tongue

and your luminosity


Green for go ! your sign

the party power switches

are all turned on


Feline Haiku

20th January 2017

found this in one of my notebooks , whilst at BASIC in Salford, where I was checking out the time’s and places of the new photography workshop with Maggie and Graham.

Friday Mornings will now consist of photo exercises with my camera and working on the wordpress, broken up by a bowl of yummy soup in BASICs café – Food for thought.

(there may also be an odd game of Bingo…)


Cat sits in the tree

Dreaming of Treasures hidden

in the deep – Supper