Tag: Heat

  • Path

    #Octpowrimo #Nature #Path Perhaps, you’d call it rocky. but on a warm Summer’s Day there was nothing better to getting out from the heat of the day – trees providing perfect cover

  • spicy chicken

    spicy chicken

    #food #indian #spicy #chicken turning on a spit onion cardamom ginger and chilli provide the spice and heat in the tomato sauce covering the flame cooked chicken

  • Point of evaporation

    Point of evaporation

    #writeclub a response to a writeclub prompt by inky The heat of the kitchen was the moment The hydrogen twins departed from their oxygen mum And went their own way Flying around the air In an attempt to find their own space

  • Mango Tango

    Salford 2nd June #CYW #Mangotango Mix it up a little, make your taste buds come Alive with each nibble, as you mix up Nourishing mango with fish meats or vegetables Giving the dish a most unique flavour Over the heat and tang of the spices

  • Burn

    Burn the triangle a simple one heat air and fuel started by a little spark amongst the smallest of shavings   Little flame eating everything around it kept at bay by logs and bricks   Starting off slowly the flames begin to grow dining on everything near it apart from the Billy can above   […]

  • Transformation II

    Transformation II

    Transformation in the kitchen magic is performed as yellow butter white sugar brown flour some eggs and mixed fruit join together in harmony with the aid of nutmeg, cinnamon and mixed space   popped in the oven and left to combine they jump about in the warm and become solid or baked forming a most […]

  • Desert

    Desert Destination – Sand – for tough animals. Even the hardiest elephant or Ship of the desert Expects a bit of Relief from Torrential heat – bring on the rain!