#writephoto #torrent I. The creator dropped his tool again Turning the clouds a different shade of blue The Angels sighed – and then They cried – and their tears Turned towards the earth below II. The raindrops raced to reach the ground some landed on the ragged rocks some landed on fragrant fruits whilst othersContinue reading “Torrent”


Salford, 4th July 2019 #Fowc #Aquarium #Fish A picture of the underwater world quorums of fish meet up in view of human eyes under temperature controls as schools of fish travel around richly seeded beds of coloured gravel in search of the fish food, hidden under each pebble and on each sunken artifact moving quicklyContinue reading “Aquarium”

Cold Water

My latest piece for which I’ve decided to share with you all….enjoy Fresh from a Lakeland reservoir turned over by occasional waterfall a polar bears delight particularly in winter season Hitting the receptacle crisply it creates a bubble or two at the bottom bringing out the flavour of the drink it dilutes Refreshment inContinue reading “Cold Water”


Liquid #OWPC Salford 16th May 2018 Who needs evian ? Coming live from the finest aquifers rolling and travelling through rivers and streams filtered through Mountains, Limestone and granite and stored in great lakes and reservoirs the purest and freshest water and its coming direct to the tap