20th July 2018

#Sweets #Fruit #Poetry

A Food acrostic – not to be confused with the game you throw a ball at 🙂


Sealed up in the big plastic bag

Kept in your travel case

Is a multitude of flavour – A rainbow of taste

Tastebuds tingle, at the very

Thought of flavours

Like Lemon, strawberry, Lime, Orange and Blackcurrant

Each little sweet, exploding with flavour



Colours, Flowers, Nature, Poetry

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wild indigo flower


It’s a strange little colour – Indigo

noted for its position on every rainbow in the sky

dye’s that turn your fingers a funny shade of purple – but

if you call it blue, or call it violet – you would be

going completely in the wrong direction, as it has its

own unique spot on the spectrum


Childhood, Christmas, Festive, Growing up


I watched in awe as

the lights twinkled in the glow

of a winters moon


Cold air and Crisp Snow

gently drift on northern greens

painting the lawns white


Trees collecting snow

up high in their green branches

the evergreens trick


Church bells ring out – as

Rainbow coloured lights shine out

“A Joyful Christmas”


Fruity Rainbow

Colours, Eating, Food, Fruit, Fun, Rainbows

Roy G. Biv

In response to the Roy.G.Biv Challenge on the Daily Post.


I’ve seen rainbows in the sky, but they’ve never been as vibrant as the ones in the Greengrocers shop window

Rich Red Strawberries – it amazes me how he can get them even in Winter, but they’re tasty with sugar and cream.

Oranges – I’ll eat these till they come out of my ears, but a zesty orange sets me up for the day.

Yellow Lemons – perfect for Lemon Dishes (of course) and an accompaniment for any cocktail drink.

Green Limes – the Lemons cousin, this is nice either in a Drink or a flavouring in a sponge cake – Like the Lemon, it needs a little sugar to cut through the sharpness

Blackcurrants – wonderful flavour – works marvels in a local drink with raspberries and grapes round my neck of the woods (Manchester, UK) – Vimto

Indigo – actually the colour of “RED” Grapes – nice in a fruit salad

and last but not least Violet – the colour of Damsons – which when in a jam turns rice pudding a lovely purple colour.


Rainbows, Weather

I’ve never thought of

the humble raindrop

as artistic

But as the sun shines down

over rainy Salford skies

it does something


Using the sun’s rays

as its brush :

It sets up a palette

of seven stunning colours

And as White cascades

through Violet to red

A Colourful Rainbow

can be seen overhead.

Bringing some colour

to a once rainy day.

A sign that soon

It’ll be time to play