#coloryourworld #cyw #indigo #poetry #acrostic     It’s a strange little colour – Indigo noted for its position on every rainbow in the sky dye’s that turn your fingers a funny shade of purple – but if you call it blue, or call it violet – you would be going completely in the wrong direction,Continue reading “Indigo”


Discover I watched in awe as the lights twinkled in the glow of a winters moon   Cold air and Crisp Snow gently drift on northern greens painting the lawns white   Trees collecting snow up high in their green branches the evergreens trick   Church bells ring out – as Rainbow coloured lights shine out “A Joyful Christmas”Continue reading “Discovery”

Fruity Rainbow

Roy G. Biv In response to the Roy.G.Biv Challenge on the Daily Post. I’ve seen rainbows in the sky, but they’ve never been as vibrant as the ones in the Greengrocers shop window Rich Red Strawberries – it amazes me how he can get them even in Winter, but they’re tasty with sugar and cream.Continue reading “Fruity Rainbow”