Things with the Letter N

#CFFC #LetterN #Photography We begin with something Nautical – the Manchester Ship Canal (or as we now know it – Salford Quays) The various waterways are connected by a series of footbridges for Navigation around the quayside. Located in the Northwest of England the basins are still used by ships and boats at certain times ofContinue reading “Things with the Letter N”


Wind force of nature turning tides moving sails of mighty mariners   coming from all directions moving.ears of corn from left to right making musical sounds in the reeds heard by animals in the fields   Force harnessed by the sportsman taking the tide as a challenge riding the wind with colourful silks and cuttingContinue reading “Wind”

Out to Sea

Sail Salford, 6th July 2017   A reminiscence Out on the great waters of the Irish sea Seventy two feet of ocean going vessel designed by a master boatman   Water moving over the hull of the ship together moving sails to continue the trip following course – given by the skipper adventures i’d dreamtContinue reading “Out to Sea”

Navy Blue

    Navy ? A Nautical colour Very respected as the colour of the senior service Yachts to Dreadnoughts – are adorned in it   North to South – Compass bearings Are used to navigate Vessels through dangerous waters – Yomping through ice and hiding from the enemy   Naval Company Colours Anchored off theContinue reading “Navy Blue”


Treasure Taken from merchant ships, by Rascals of the seven seas Every pirate worth their salty sea legs Admires the prize of jewels, silver and gold doubloons Some keep their precious horde hidden Under tropical sands , deserted shores – only Revealed many moons later by a younger Explorer, following the pirates charts and maps

Sailing into the Unknown

In response to the prompt – A tale of youngsters on the ocean wave I came across the Ocean Youth Club quite by chance.  I was helping out at my local parish church, St Josephs RC in Salford when the opportunity came about – provided by the RC Church and centre in the heart ofContinue reading “Sailing into the Unknown”


Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, 26th February 2016 I Went on an excursion with some of the lads from Manchester’s IWM North today to the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, where I learned about the canals and their heritage.  The journey involved a brief stop for provisions at the M56 Motorway Services. I took alongContinue reading “Narrowboat”