Octpowrimo, 29th October 2018 Signs that winter is on its way Quite inquisitive fellow made his way across the garden fence Under the fir trees and around the hyacinths In search, of something Round , red brown, and tasty to Restock his larder for winter Every now and then looking around, protecting his hide LookingContinue reading “Squirrel”

Changing of the seasons

Whilst walking Through the city green I saw the leaves turn from Green to brown And watched as they Drifted on the wind Through the town Local birds are confused Amassed on the tops And squirrels they wonder Why their food has all dropped It’s much too early And not too late So why goContinue reading “Changing of the seasons”


Autumn Leaves The summer it leaves us like the changing tide and the wind changes course as autumn arrives Trees change their colour from pallets of spring and warm shades of autumn to the eye they bring As Mother nature turns leaves from green to warm brown Hibernating animals begin to bed down As AutumnContinue reading “G.M.T”


Jack Frost landed a wintery spell hibernating animals – have a tale to tell. Icy shapes fall through the air to the ground, as crystals they break – without any sound   Temperature falls on the ground below, turning the crystals to crisp white snow. Covering ground, with white snow quite nice which can beContinue reading “Snow”