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Octpowrimo, 29th October 2018

Signs that winter is on its way

Quite inquisitive fellow made his way across the garden fence

Under the fir trees and around the hyacinths

In search, of something

Round , red brown, and tasty to

Restock his larder for winter

Every now and then looking around, protecting his hide

Looking for morsels in every inch of the garden

Autumn Nature Poetry

Changing of the seasons

Whilst walking
Through the city green
I saw the leaves turn from
Green to brown
And watched as they
Drifted on the wind
Through the town
Local birds are confused
Amassed on the tops
And squirrels they wonder
Why their food has all dropped
It’s much too early
And not too late
So why go and forage
And hibernate?

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Autumn Leaves

The summer it leaves us
like the changing tide
and the wind changes course
as autumn arrives

Trees change their colour
from pallets of spring
and warm shades of autumn
to the eye they bring

As Mother nature turns leaves
from green to warm brown
Hibernating animals
begin to bed down

As Autumn paints pallet of leaves all around
Walkers feet all make a sound
as they meet with the carpet
of leaves on the ground

The skies seem much redder
and it quickens the night
as the darkness gets quicker
and the moon seems more bright

Colours of green disappear till its fate
and Winter waits for the snow
Mercury falls, and squirrels hibernate
as the birds to warmer climbs they go

Autumn’s upon us – time has moved on
Winter is coming – the summer has gone

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Jack Frost landed a wintery spell

hibernating animals – have a tale to tell.

Icy shapes fall through the air to the ground,

as crystals they break – without any sound


Temperature falls on the ground below,

turning the crystals to crisp white snow.

Covering ground, with white snow quite nice

which can be turned into blocks of clear cold ice


But most often than most – its used in a plan

by children in creating a great big snowman.

What’s truly agreed – whether young or old

the snow is a sign – It ain’t half cold!

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Winters Grip

A Silver winning piece of poetry on winter from the pages of

It starts when the last leaves
of Autumn are falling.
The Air gets colder
with Winter calling.

And Snow starts to fall, as ice starts to form
as weather gets colder than then when it was warm.
And Winter takes hold, as things start to freeze
as Mercury retreats from the cold in the breeze

And as Winter takes a Grip, of this quarter of year,
you’re torn as to whether to cry or to cheer.
As you play in the snow, in day and in night
as the retreating temperature, begins to bite.

The wildlife, they say, seem to know best
as many decide to take up a rest.
Storing a harvest, so they are well fed,
Waiting for Spring, to arise from their bed.

But kids enjoy playing building things in the Snow,
so out in the garden my Nephews will go,
Building a Snowman, wi me and my Dad,
Wrapped up real warmly – as this cold it is bad.

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As the clocks went back in the UK today, A tale of the end of Summer and Beginning of Autumn

The summer has left us
along with the tide.
The wind changes course
as Autumn arrives
Nights they seem darker,
as Winter draws near.
The moon, it shines brighter
as midnight skies clear.
The Trees’ leaves change colour
while time changes course
as mother nature paints leaves
red ,orange, brown, at source.
As greens make their way, and winter awaits
Forest animals prepare to hibernate.
Autumn is upon us, time has moved on
Winter awaits, Summer has gone.