#Octpowrimo #Lightness Salford, 29th October 2019 As summer draws to a close and green leaves turn to red the leaves of the less evergreen aided by wind rain and streams float off in a dream, light as a feather to their final resting spot where they leave a mark of colour on the paths aroundContinue reading “Lightness”

Burnt Sienna

Salford, 15th September #CYW #BurntSienna I recall a leather chair the smell of it as I sat in it in the morning it’s sound as I got my back into its folds it squeaked – like a mouse looking for food Looking out beyond the glass in a warm seat looking out for snowmen beyondContinue reading “Burnt Sienna”

Muddy Footprints

#CYW #Brown #Wet #Mud #Footprints #Camping Camping out in the wilds, has its disadvantages As the weather can be particularly nasty Making your way across the field to the washroom as Persistant little raindrops land on your head If you gave it some thought – you would have moved the tent Now everyone will knowContinue reading “Muddy Footprints”


#CYW #Brown #Birds #Wildlife #Salford Bringing an aire of nature to the painters palette Red mixes with yellow and that colour goes darker as Orange meets black and blue Wild Animals have this colour in their fur , feathers and quills Notably the geese who fly across town Hope you liked this short acrostic forContinue reading “Brown”

Autumn leaves

Another post from inky via The squirrels are a scurrying amongst the fallen leaves searching out the conkers hiding in the trees eaves Carpet, multi coloured paints a walker a scene an autumnal view, that carries a few colours, of red, gold, brown, green And as bird watcher goes a twitching, the animals goContinue reading “Autumn leaves”


      Salford, Sunday 29th January 2017 A Watercolour painting of the Roman ruins at Oludeniz, Turkey Mum and Dad were out of the house this weekend, visiting my little sister and her family, A marathon session of CSI, NCIS and FA Cup football were planned – and went very well, (Manchester Utd winningContinue reading “Watercolour”