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  • Mayhem

    #fowc #Mayhem There was a great hullabaloo at the local coastal zoo the animals were out to play as Mr Keeper was on holiday The Lions were playing the rhinos in a game of five a side The mummy lions with their cubs cheering on with pride The elephants had experienced ice cream and enjoyed […]

  • Aurora

    #Aurora #Weekend #Writing #Prompt A weekend writing prompt from https://Sammiesscribbles.wordpress.com Poem or Prose in 28 Words – Okay!!!! Polar bears are partying under nights light show the snow is twinkling with various different colours moving about on ice like the mirrorball chasing the disco floor beams

  • Brown Bears Surprise

    Another Bronze-winning piece of poetry from my page on Allpoetry – enjoy! Imagine this if you please A brown bear invited to take some teas with his pals the polar bears I guess you would say it would raise some stares So into the village town he’ll go for an outfit that wont show in […]