Sounds of Winter

#ice #snow #winter Early morning wake up call the winds are bawling “Jack frosts been calling” Dancing with the frost fairies all across the land And underfoot, the fallen leaves have hardened up and stood their ground deciding not to be pushed around defiantly cracking as you tread a sign they’re sleeping – and notContinue reading “Sounds of Winter”

Mr frosts return

Salford, 11th December They said the mercury was rising today Well, someone didn’t inform Jack Frost and his winter imps For as I write, sat perched in a chair by a radiator They appear to have left pretty patterns All over peoples car windows and roofs Seems like he’s skipped across the skies too, AsContinue reading “Mr frosts return”

Nose in a book..and a cake…

Sunday, 4th December 2016 Mother Nature is keeping her cards close to her chest today, perfect blue 🌌 with not a ☁️ in the sky. but there’s a definite nip in the air…little Jack Frost is up and about, and he’s painted every fallen leaf 🍃 in sight Antidote to the cold ?  A cupContinue reading “Nose in a book..and a cake…”

Cherry on Top : Heaven

In response to the photo challenge Cherry On Top   It doesn’t get better than this…. Pick your day Cold damp wet Or if its winter – It’s Frosty or Snowing Pick your Bolthole and welcome in the warmth of a satisfying, chocolatey hug laced with mint, cherry or even chocolate sprinkles deep, rich andContinue reading “Cherry on Top : Heaven”

Jack frost – the artist

Anybody telling you the weathers improving – I have evidence to the contrary if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere. Jack Frost was out again last night Location – The Drive where Mum and Dad park the car And as you can plainly see – Dear old Jack has danced all over it! However, IContinue reading “Jack frost – the artist”


Jack Frost landed a wintery spell hibernating animals – have a tale to tell. Icy shapes fall through the air to the ground, as crystals they break – without any sound   Temperature falls on the ground below, turning the crystals to crisp white snow. Covering ground, with white snow quite nice which can beContinue reading “Snow”