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  • Inside the parlour

    #writeclub The Queen was in her parlour eating bread and honey The golden spread was sweet and thick and well worth the money Created by a busy bunch of dedicated bees creating lots of tasty treats from nectar from flowers and trees Amount used ? call it pennies, taken out of the royal accounts but […]

  • Porridge

    Salford, 27th July 2020 Winter warmer ? fills the tum at any time of year bringing a glow of contentment with every loving spoonful tasty treat at any time of day perfect with honey, cinnamon, or even chocolate keeps your “inner bear” happy and brings a glow from your nose to your toes

  • Flipped

    #Pancakes #Pancakeday #Shrovetuesday Tuesday 25th February 2020 For years, they’ve been doing this launching a layer of thinly cooked batter into the air with precision and height – could you say it was perfect ? maybe – but that all comes from the entry of the pancake – back into the pan drizzle of lemon […]

  • Honeycomb 3

    Honeycomb 3

    A piece written for National Poetry Month on Allpoetry.com Sharing it here so, if you like it you can comment! Hexagonal in form – overall storage space fornectar collected by the beeeach space brimming withyellow sweet liquid goldchances areoutside in the summer sun – youmight just see a prospector of this yummy stuffbuzzing around the nearest […]

  • Bumblebee Bokeh

    Bumblebee Bokeh

    Salford 27th February 2019 #Spring #Bumblebee #Photography

  • Scale

    #OWPC This post is part of the one word photo challenge When people talk about scale to me – I don’t think of weight, I think of size Four Bears, all different sizes Now comparing the two smallest bears – the last one is about as 50 times as small as the next size up, […]

  • Honeycomb 2

    Honeycomb 2

    Manchester, 11th august #beeinthecity #manchester #hunnypot six sided structure created by worker bees for the colony sleeping in their nest little bees dream of honey from flowers next door Travelling over air homing pigeons cannot beat worker bees radar treasures collected from inside the flower head create a sweet thing flavour from pollen transferred to […]

  • Sting


    Sting Salford, 17th September 2017 Someone should have Told the sun worshipper to not go near that hive Instead they went on a honey hunt – and met some angry bees Note – they were whisked straight off to First aid – “Got to tell you” – said the nurse – this is going to […]

  • Bumble bee

    Bumble bee

    Bumble A picture of two bumblebees, captured on camera in the surroundings of the Enchanted Garden, at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford, Lancashire (UK) Camera : Sony DSC-H300 Photographer : Brian F Kirkham Behold – the industrious bumble bee Until you see him – he just goes about his daily business Manoeuvring […]

  • Honeycomb I

    Honeycomb I

    18th May 2017 A San-San poem – Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete   On holiday by a grecian water I saw a flying insect having some tea it flew for the pollen from flower to flower occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter it was happy to pass through the flowers this […]