Waiting for the flowers


Salford, 9th March 2019

A patch of earth on some barren land

Was turned over, fed and watered

Earth dug up in places on

Seeds or bulbs planted

Over the next few months, the process continued – and

Moments passed – until the arrival of a green leaf popping out of the ground

Expect rainbows of colour over the next few weeks.

Blue green

Colours, Poetry

Waterfalls and Closeups

#coloryourworld #cyw #bluegreen

A piece for colour your world also about the painting of a waterfall

The painter played with his shades

capturing land and sky

luscious fields of green

meeting up with shades of blue

and as field and sky met Together

at horizon, they converged

forming new colour round middle

Where land and sky they merged


Music, Performance, Pleasures, Poetry



Right about now

in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land

four piece bands are being formed and

fret boards are taking a hammering

Repeated notes

in ordered formation

fill empty spaces on the musical page

forming a foundation to create something magical

Rythum and Blues follow guitar

in concert halls up and down the land

following the familiar formation

followed by the star playing the guitar strings

Stained Glass Window

Art, Arts, BASIC, Places, Pleasures, Poetry, Religion

Salford 18th September

Poem borrowed from my page at Allpoetry.com

A tale a bit crafty, a bit religious, but all by me

Artwork created at Craft Sessions at Brain & Spinal Injury Charity in Salford.

As the Sun comes up,

its light shines through

the panels of coloured glass

angling the now coloured light

painting a picture,

of scenes on a floor

And as the sun shines,

through that brightly coloured window

reds cast with yellows

and greens cast with blues

as molten lead holds on tightly,

keeping the picture alive


Duck window

Colours with the letter B

Art, Colours, Photography

In response to

Cees Fun Foto Challenge


Cerulean (2)

A Blue was used called Cerulean to create the watercolor on this post, it was added neat to create the sky and then watered down to create a light blue for the sea.


Berry Red was applied in this picture of two jam tarts.  I like the way it brought out the colour of the Raspberry Tart but also the Shadow on the Lemon Curd Tart

Midnight Salford

Another Blue was applied to bring out the colour of the night sky in this shot of a set of Lamps in front of a waterside hotel.  Midnight blue was applied after the shot was taken to bring out some of the lighter colours, such as the light on the waters reflection.



A Berry Bush in the Enchanted Garden at the Brain and Spinal Injury Center in Salford, i’ve put this on here because of its red-purple “Blackberries” and that kind of classes it as a blue!

Violet Red

Art, Arts, Colours, Poetry

#coloryourworld #cyw #reds #violetred

Salford 10th April 2017


The tussle between the shades of red

began as they fought it out on the painters palette

ballet of an artistic nature

started at opposite ends of the rainbow

The bluer shade he stood his ground

as artists painted the flowers he’d found

but as pigment scarlet to pallet was fed

the cold shade turned a more warmer red

as red-violet flowers changed colours in bed

to a host of new flowers of violet red

Red Violet

Colours, Flowers, Nature

#coloryourworld #cyw #redviolet


In between the lavender stalks

and violets of purple and blue

pelargoniums – can be seen too


Dotted around the flowery sea

it’s easy for butterflies – or bees

to get to these flowers from the trees


patches of red – amongst blue and green

gardeners smile as they see the scene

beginnings of rainbows – best ever seen


whilst artists in studio capture in paint

a picture on canvas – in pencil drawn feint

red violets in yellow jugs – on a table that’s quaint

Coloryourworld – Month 3

Colours, Photography, Poetry, writing

Salford 31st March 2017

Well here we are again folks , with another list of stuff created for the #coloryourworld challenge

If you’ve been following my journey through this challenge – you’ll have read lots of my humble little scribbles from Aquamarine through to Purple – and all the #blues shades inbetween

here’s the list – feel free to take a ponder…and comment if you wish.

Week 1 – Aquamarine to Cerulean

Turquoise Blue

Blue skies (sky blue)

Outer Space

Blue green



Week 2 – Cornflower to Cadet Blue


Midnight Blue

Navy Blue




Cadet Blue

Week 3 – Indigo to Royal Purple


Wild blue yonder



Blue Violet

Purple Heart ❤️

Colour of the crown

Week 3 – Purple (with a smatter of pink)

Purple Mountains



Vivid Violet


Shocking pink

Pink Flamingo

Week 4 – the last 3 days of March (april to follow..soon)


Hot magenta

Purple pizazz


Update – Added Bonus – Links to the other Three Months

Color your world – Month 4 (April)

Color your world – Month 2 (February)

Colour Your World – Month 1 (January)


P.S The photograph – is another of my works, taken during Salford Quays Lightwaves Festival.


Vivid Violet

Acrostic, Art, Colours, Flowers, Garden

#Coloryourworld #cyw #vividviolet #violet

Very striking – you stand out in a crowd

In fact, your flower heads  offset the other colours in the border, from the

Orange of the marigolds surrounding your stem or the

Lemon yellows of the pansies nearby

Everyone in the garden, enjoys your colourful view, as

They pass you walking on the garden path



Blue Violet

Colours, Flowers, Garden, Outdoors, Parks, Poetry

Now the flowers on the bushes

were somewhere in – between

as the bluebells merged somewhat seamlessly

into the gardens lavender patch


Dainty little flowers

occupying the small space

tween two giants of the flowerbed

attracting the fauna


The children smiled as they picked them

as it seemed very strange to them

the smell of the flower seemed to follow them

all around the garden


As they drank their lemonade

they asked are the flowers violet or blue

and surprised by mums answer as they played

“Blue-violet ? – who knew ?”