#coloryourworld #cyw #blue Basically, a primary colour – in Light or in paint – you’re Used to create a whole host of Exceptional colours   Best seen at the start of a day Lakes and skies bringing out your many shades Usually seen in waters on the Edge of a beach   Bringing out theContinue reading “Blue”


Salford, Via Buttermere and the rest of the Lake District, UK Tuesday 17th January 2017  Resilient Carved out by the glaciers atop of the earth the angels tears amassed filling a mighty hole did some great giant leave the tread of his boots here ? only the creator could answer that Seeds grow trees around the teardrops Nice place forContinue reading “Resilient”


in response to Border Borders can be defined in many ways. On your standard map they are hard ridges that define a country, state, city, town or village. Round my neck of the woods, they’re defined by Hillsides, Mountains, lakes and Forests. Depending on where you live, you can cross a number of borders withinContinue reading “Borders”

Ninth Wonder

Earth   Being the way I’ve been brought up – the stories of how the wonders of the world ended up where they are can either be treated as faith fact or fiction I studied (for interest) geology at sixth-form briefly before I came to my senses and joined up for technology classes instead.  ButContinue reading “Ninth Wonder”

Lakeland Landscape

in response to the weekly photo challenge Landscape (Photograph : (c) 2007 Brian F Kirkham) Lakeland Harbour and Hills, Penrith, Cumbria I was looking out for the fluffy white clouds in the Cumbrian Skies – but got a lovely view of the hills from this viewpoint. Blue skies and wonderful scenery – a lovely placeContinue reading “Lakeland Landscape”

Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be? Now – this is a toughie You see , there’s a few places in Europe I’ve visited and I’ve enjoyed them equally.  From the Hedonism of the Spanish Island of Eivissa (to use itsContinue reading “Two Cities”