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#Fowc #Cajole

Matters of persuasion

were easy for Mrs Polar Bear

But on this occasion

No matter how hard she tried

the seal wouldn’t come out

of the larder

“Sorry Kids….its Fish for tea again!”

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Sunday Morning Short

Salford, 31st May 2020

#Pictureprompt #Polar #Igloo #Bears

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“Looks like we’re going shopping kids, there’s now’t in the fridge for tea!”

Weather Winter


Another Wintry acrostic for a cold winters night


From the arctic north

Rolling icy winds travel across the Island

Over hills and meadow they go, Painting everything white

Sun in the sky, fairly invisible to the eye

Turning young minds towards sunnier days.

Acrostic Sailing


In arctic waters

Captains of mighty trawlers

Expect Trouble – so upon sight they

Beckon each and

Every Man on board to

Resist the perilous demon of the ice, or

Go to the lifeboats