#writephoto #toybox #Christmas #toybox #writephoto The christmas toys lay scattered on the floor of the playroom yet over in the corner – a solution sat bear was waiting to greet the blocks and other fun stuff – freshly unwrapped while little un played xylophone – the others headed inside


#fowc #Mayhem There was a great hullabaloo at the local coastal zoo the animals were out to play as Mr Keeper was on holiday The Lions were playing the rhinos in a game of five a side The mummy lions with their cubs cheering on with pride The elephants had experienced ice cream and enjoyedContinue reading “Mayhem”

Where do the lost things go?

#writeclub #lostitems I’m sure there’s a spot in the house they go these objects that move without life to and fro Now wallets and keys – don’t have legs – so i’m told so they must have wings – an idea i’ve been sold Allen keys switching spots with their brother moving from one placeContinue reading “Where do the lost things go?”


#writeclub #woods I Pay close attention if you go down to the woods today, you could spot something furry noshing away on honeycomb its carved away carefully from a nearby tree II Pears and Apples in close proximity are nice accomplishments if our furry friends want something to chomp on III Placed on a blanketContinue reading “Picnic”


#Socs #Mini #Maxi Up on a shelf i spotted a conversation taking place my little lego man talking to one of my model bears compared to some of my other old bears – he’s the smallest but compared to the lego men – he’s huge 🙂 Fortunately, the lego man sits on a spot whereContinue reading “Minimum/Maximum”

Rainbow Zebra

You couldn’t call him Black or white he’s far too bright for that dashing about the serengeti and confusing all the cats see his different coloured stripes are such they make the whole place smile so the lionesses don’t grab him for lunch they’ve left him free for a while The hippos think he’s amazingContinue reading “Rainbow Zebra”