Category: Clouds

  • Patchwork

    #Clouds #Weather The long stretched out stratus had gathered around since lunchtime goading the people behind the window into a feeling that something wet was going to fall on their heads umbrellas were placed on standby but although many wished it and grasses and plants in gardens screamed out for it while the mercury remained […]

  • Hope

    #WQW #Napowrimo #Hope #Weather #Cloud #Rainbow The weatherman said it was going to be sunny The clouds in the morning disagreed The sun who was blocked out by the cloud Then began to plead For unbeknown to the clouds in the sky I thought i’d give a walk a try visiting a place that i’d […]

  • Daydream

    Sunday 1st March 2020 Doing schoolwork when the sun is shining is A bit of a chore – and kids have been doing it for Years, staring out the window Doodling sheep out of the clouds Reactions from the teacher ? Expected, but getting angry won’t grab their attention As the warm rays cast onto […]

  • Sun travel

    #Weather #Poetry Ra passed by his friends the clouds as the earth turned Northern skies from Day to Dusk in travelling from west to east newly formed stratus went pink in surprise by ra’s disappearance to a temperature rise out on eastern skies began the day while in northern skies moon and stars they played […]

  • A clouds picnic

    . #cffc #weather #clouds #week4 mish mash of marshmallow skies summer seems so far away as angry grey cloud looms overhead but out in the distance as if playing peek a boo 👻 the sky pops through the clouds all clearest and blue

  • Thoughts

    #Thoughts #Bubbles #Marshmallows #Clouds Salford 9th July 2018 The light little cirrus and stratus help themselves to their own little place in the sky until the cloud departs they’ll be overlooked by the great thinker of the skies himself – cumulonimbus – who’s happily floating over the air thinking about their next destination some might […]

  • Wisps

    Salford, 25th June 2018 #sky #weather #blue #trails #stratus Whilst planes, birds and balloons traverse in the sky in the air the clouds mark their movement swiftly making their way throught the blue peppering the sky with all sorts of clouds stratus – the long thin ones trail across the sky

  • Singing in the rain

    #In light of the lack of a fresh writing prompt – i’ve poached this one from the wordpress e-book – 365 Writing prompts….enjoy….inky.# Salford 16th June 2018 Inclement is how the weathermen would have put it the weather itself couldn’t make its mind up the sun was out – the birds were tweeting – and […]

  • Above

    Salford , 2nd March 2018 Above   A whole host of clouds float in blue skies over your head very interesting to look at, but expect some water to fall if any turn grey

  • Clouds

    #CB&W #Clouds Tuesday afternoon. Marshmallows floating over Greater Manchester Take away the blue in the sky and those clouds seem to develop like a photograph in a laboratory the clouds grow and move become more defined and you find yourself looking for sleeping cherubs