#octpowrimo #memories #adventure Appleby – in – Westmoreland, Lake district Hard hat and rigging applied i found myself scaling down the side of a very rocky hillside My own personal Everest quite a way from the top of the hill down to the bottom I felt reasonably safe secure in the ropes and clips iContinue reading “Adventure”

Put a Pin on it

#socs #pin Someone once told me – you never really leave the scouts In a sense – i guess they were right. Why? i hear you ask – because of some little things picked up along the way back when i was a cub scout (yeah! i am that old) when we went on expeditionsContinue reading “Put a Pin on it”


#writephoto #napowrimo Long stretch of water, ambling along waiting for something to happen kites or falcons passing overhead or excitable otters picking up sticks for a dam something happening below it’s the first sight of the fish down at the lake bed evading the fisherman – sat on the bank


#fowc #retreat Salford, 24th February 2021 Another Lakeland Reminiscence Retreat – Normally a call for escaping an attack from an enemy….. (but not in this case) for me, it was a week away from the City in the picturesque settings of the Lake District, up by Derwentwater in a place called Keswick. Arranged by theContinue reading “Retreat”


#Napowrimo #Room #Dorm Reflection of a shared room (school retreat) Keswick, 1987 Up in the hills by a mountain stream a place of reflection and retreat the room shared three with a view of the lakes a place to ponder, relax and take breaks colour scheme – calming a sight of some sheep and duringContinue reading “Castlerigg”


Liquid #OWPC Salford 16th May 2018 Who needs evian ? Coming live from the finest aquifers rolling and travelling through rivers and streams filtered through Mountains, Limestone and granite and stored in great lakes and reservoirs the purest and freshest water and its coming direct to the tap

Ninth Wonder

Earth   Being the way I’ve been brought up – the stories of how the wonders of the world ended up where they are can either be treated as faith fact or fiction I studied (for interest) geology at sixth-form briefly before I came to my senses and joined up for technology classes instead.  ButContinue reading “Ninth Wonder”