Christmas Poetry


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Photo by Burkay Canatar on

Christmas week and the sounds of

Heavenly angels are filling the air

Out of the clouds you can hear them

In the fields and villages they sing

“Rejoice! a saviour has been born”

Weather Winter

waiting on the snow


There must be something

wrong with the thermometer

for the man at the

is suggesting we all

wrap up snug and warm

in the next few days

His colleagues and pals

say “its too warm for snow”

but its hiding in the clouds

while the winds are a go

waiting for a mercury drop

when on the grasses and roofs it’ll stop

So while it’s in clouds

the wildlife will stay

having their fun and playing away

till the flakes of snow land on the ground

and they head for their nests and burrows around


Castle in the Air


Image c/o Google Images

He’d climbed that hill for many days

till he decided to stop at a misty spot

ahead a crafted house

with spires and towers and follies

the occupants? off and away on their jollies

had he found heaven?

hard to say

but for a while he’ll rest here

have a picnic and play


Cloudy skies

A piece from inky

in response to Chris Breebart Photography page – whats in the picture?

What’s up there in the sky ?

Get past the matted marshmallow sky

And you’ll find a brilliant azure sky

Away from the clear blue

Places for the sun to play hide and seek

Acrostic Beach Drink


#fowc #foam


on the seaside

as the waves

make up something frothy on the shore


on top of your mocha

a mix of fluffy

milk clouds and a dash of cocoa

Freshly laid out for bedtime

on here you happily sleep

as it forms to you as part of your




Photo by jasmin chew on

From the rooftops they moved

From one to the the other

Freely through the morning air and

Floating Marshmallow

Free as birds are to do as they please – looking for a change of scene

Emotions Garden Nature


#writeclub #cheerful

Things are looking up

colours exploding in the local green

as sunshine appears through the the clouds

little birds chirping to one and all

as Mum and dad deliver breakfast from above

their song filling the air as you walk by

“Hello, Hello” they cheep and chirp

as they try to grab your eye

not being greedy – just wanting attention

and all the while the oak tree smiles

as they rest on his arms

Colours Poetry Weather

Sky Blue

#CYW #Skyblue

Earth showing off its best side

when this colour is seen above

you just know its going to be a great day

occasionally, the odd marshmallow

can be seen racing one another

you needn’t worry – its a blue sky day



#Fowc #Vapor

clouds of something

intoxicating travel through

northern skies

broken up by the wind but

caught in transit

by those innocently

flying by

Poetry Weather


#fowc #anticipate

Clouds in blue sky (Image created in painter , photo by inky)

You just know it’s coming

there’s a patch of blue – but its covered in grey

lakes of water now pool in the recesses

of tarmac roads

the last of the water travels slowly

towards the open grid

while the other clouds tease you

to nip out without an umbrella

come out and play – they say

ready to throw a bucket or two

at you