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  • All Spent up

    #fowc #Napowrimo I don’t know what you’d call it Inflation , perhaps ? If you took your single gold coin Inside the confectioner’s It would give you half the bag of boiled sweets Instead of what you got last year In fact you wouldn’t get any change It would leave you with empty pockets.

  • Change


    From the rooftops they moved From one to the the other Freely through the morning air and Floating Marshmallow Free as birds are to do as they please – looking for a change of scene

  • Universal Change

    Universal Change

    #Character #Space #Universe #writeclub While the planets Go round the Sun (our star) and far off systems go round their own stars something keeps space and time moving The old man of space keeps mother milky way , Andromeda and her other brothers and sisters turning while he watches on There have been times when […]

  • Myriad


    #fowc #Myriad Call it a time of changing seasons the winter has finally gone – its spring and the seeds that were sleeping down in the soil have popped up to say hello along with a myriad of birds and wonderfully coloured butterflies

  • New Year, New Day

    The first post of 2021. I The hour past The bells chimed One year confined to the history books One year to look forward to II Late Nights Laced with wine, food, drinking and song Leads to a long nap under the duvet Lying in on the downward strait to twelth night III Promises made […]

  • Radical

    #CYW #RadicalRed They wanted to change the system and united under a flag led by men of learning fighting wasn’t their bag so instead they marched the streets in order to reach a change and workers shut the factories till their voices were in range The voices , sole , were low in noise but […]

  • Subtle

    #fowc #subtle It had to be said, the fashionistas in your crowd didn’t like you in that shirt the colour was too deep for you – they said But that never stopped you for the next morning you returned wearing something new or so they said Same shirt, Brighter pants Subtle changes made them glance […]

  • In retreat

    #octpowrimo winters calling, in some ways, the mercury retreating was notably a sign from the thermometer travelling swiftly toward the bulb even the food has changed from salads to roasts and shepherds pie

  • Waiting for the springtime

    17th March 2018 Sat in the toolshed on St Patricks Day Noting the barometer turned Over from Frosty to warm When all of a sudden the mercury goes into Fast flowing freefall And white powdery masses Land like leprechauns Lightly covering rooftops and cars