Category: Fruit

  • Apple and Pear

    A crisp little thing perhaps sharp but definitely clean positioned on the fruit tree until lopped off or dropped by the wind, when it ends up in a pie, or mashed up for juice Perfectly balanced in the hand each one ready to be eaten at lunch an alternative taste to your eating apple but […]

  • Bramble


    #Socs By the thorn and bracken really tasty fruit can be found and collected by the fruit picker to make the tastiest jelly blackberries they might not be – but you can leave those for the pie everyone enjoys bramble jelly on toast

  • All Spent up

    #fowc #Napowrimo I don’t know what you’d call it Inflation , perhaps ? If you took your single gold coin Inside the confectioner’s It would give you half the bag of boiled sweets Instead of what you got last year In fact you wouldn’t get any change It would leave you with empty pockets.

  • Strains of a Sundae

    #Napowrimo #icecream #sundae Served up after dinner – I wait Up to now i’ve been content – sat in the blast chiller Next thing i know i’m served up to the crowd Digging into my scoops of strawberry, banana and chocolate And Mining deep down the bottom of my glass for the brownie bits Each […]

  • Describe

    #FOWC #Describe Definition everybody’s challenge – tell me about that strawberry that’s sitting on the plate could it be more luscious and red? if you could what else would you tell me built for the perfect pavlova ? – or just the berry to be enjoyed in a fruit salad

  • A fruity San-San

    A fruity San-San

    #fruit #tree #pie #San-San Growing against the stone tudor wall hanging fruit ripens for the pie coming from the tree but once a season the fruit answers the cooks call as over the garden young birds do fly could this be why its baked with haste there could be no other plausible reason to deprive […]

  • Banana mania (Revisited)

    Banana mania (Revisited)

    #coloryourworld #cyw #fruit #banana #yellow Born out of a tree A yellow skinned treat Nice between two slices of bread Also appreciated by young uns in a cake of some sort Note though whether in a cake or not – they’re great with custard A note of caution – don’t eat the peel – they’re […]

  • Atomic Tangerine

    Atomic Tangerine

    #cyw #atomic #tangerine #fruit A sensation Thats what i guess you would call it Out of the fruit Many segments of zingy fruit In a haphazard Circular formation Tangy on the tongue as you bite on the segments navigating your way to the juice great explosions as the segments empty their flavoured cargo round the […]

  • Apricot

    #CYW #Apricot A fruit smaller than its cousin, the peach people say its not as hairy, but tasty nevertheless reactions – some say its just right – others say wheres the rest of it ? its nice on its own, or in a yoghurt or even with cereal craziest thing of all – you can […]

  • Core

    #wordpressprompts #fruit #food #core #acrostic Call it what you will – but its vital to the life cycle of an apple Out of the fruit and thrown away – there is no tree Rotten fruit on the grass turning to mush Exceptions come when you’re eating – the middle bit doesnt taste nice