Brian’s Banana Loaf

Another challenge from WordPress’ 365 Writing Prompts If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Ok….Dailypost, here goes nothing….!!!)   A pure delight a combination of sweet bananas flour , butter eggs and chocolate chips not forgetting the sugar of course creamed together the main ingredients and the…… Continue reading Brian’s Banana Loaf

Transformation II

Transformation in the kitchen magic is performed as yellow butter white sugar brown flour some eggs and mixed fruit join together in harmony with the aid of nutmeg, cinnamon and mixed space   popped in the oven and left to combine they jump about in the warm and become solid or baked forming a most…… Continue reading Transformation II


Orange Over the months, they’ve been growing on their tree, and now Ready for picking, after sitting in the warm sunshine Are the fruit whose colour befits their name Noted for their zesty flavour and citric tang Great when pressed and served up in a glass, or Even sliced and served up with sugar