Out of this world

Acrostic, Nature, Outdoors, Poetry

Out of This World


Taken root

On a spot of earth

Alien invader starts to feed

Devouring the water below

Some plants sit, aghast as they watch

The alien eat up their food like an unwanted guest

Others, are more philisophical as

Over time – the alien and his cohort – will be

Lifted, and thrown away – or (if edible) eaten


Cooking, Food, Learning, Poetry

12th June 2016


When you look at the art of the written word

understanding what’s written on the page is important

particularly, if you’re making a cake

A fine line tween success and failure

Misreading a teaspoon for a tablespoon

even to a most learned chef – can lead to disaster

as what can be produced – can be quite inedible