Salford 17th August 2018 #Cake #Marzipan #Sweet #Battenburg #Sponge #Pudding #Jam Built like a sponge colossus to many – a teatime snack to enjoy just after your chops and vegetables now how much you have is down to you but then again – its a question of how much sponge unless of course, you don’tContinue reading “Battenburg”

Brian’s Banana Loaf

Another challenge from WordPress’ 365 Writing Prompts If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Ok….Dailypost, here goes nothing….!!!) A pure delight a combination of sweet bananas flour , butter eggs and chocolate chips not forgetting the sugar of course creamed together the main ingredients and the starContinue reading “Brian’s Banana Loaf”


Conjure Crafting a dessert, is a bit of a magic trick Oranges sliced and pineapples diced get laid in a dish, and Next comes the syrup and then the batter, before the dish is covered in foil Just before the dish is put in the oven – four holes are made to let out steamContinue reading “Conjure”

Banana Split

Flavorful Served up in a glass bowl Wonderful fruit combines with frosty ice cream Everyone smiling as the bananas are Enveloped by the Ice cold tastes of strawberry and chocolate and cream Together – as they melt and mingle – they make a heavenly delight

Garden Apple Pie

  A San-San By Brian F Kirkham (Inky)   The branches against the household wall holds fruit that’s ripening for a pie blackberry stems bring fruit with flavour this season that answers to the pastries call over with envy the birds do fly could this be why it cooks with haste ? depriving the featheredContinue reading “Garden Apple Pie”

Fruit salad

Savor The Oranges sliced, sing on the plate… they’ve been quite lonely as of late all alone in their bowl of blue looking quite bright – but with nothing to do Now with apples, diced they share bowls that cooks of note prepare with other fruit from orchards near and strawberries grown in the fieldsContinue reading “Fruit salad”

An Ode to apple crumble

O wonderful pudding with a biscuit – like top what wonderful delights will release when you pop   sweet bramley apples – softened by fire with buttery topping – a crumble to inspire sliced and laid out in a tin foil dish fulfilling a little lad or lasses’ afters wish   and whilst in theContinue reading “An Ode to apple crumble”

Puddings from my backyard

In response to the prompt Local Flavor Salford, 26th June 2016 You mention the word pudding to me and i’ll ask you a basic question Sweet or Savoury ? You see, regular readers of this blog know I hail from that part of North West England known as Greater Manchester – or if you’re postContinue reading “Puddings from my backyard”