Tag: Boiling

  • Spaghetti II

    Spaghetti II

    I Like long blonde hairs they sit in the silvery tube waiting to lie in the bubble bath of water, oil and salt II Resolve in the steam ? a surprise Durum wheat holding out until the moment arrives and surrender to the bubbling water III Sauce bubbles away as they sit in the jacuzzi […]

  • Point of evaporation

    Point of evaporation

    #writeclub a response to a writeclub prompt by inky The heat of the kitchen was the moment The hydrogen twins departed from their oxygen mum And went their own way Flying around the air In an attempt to find their own space

  • Simmer

    Simmer Several chopped carrots danced around In the silver saucepan as they Mingled and merged with Vegetable Stock, Onions and Herbs to Make a most delicious soup, served up that afternoon Exactly what the doctor ordered – Summat Really Tasty for lunchtime

  • Infuse


    Infuse Salford, 28th May 2017 It’s funny – how night after night fresh tea leaves bring flavour under a little bit of help from some boiling water enjoy it with milk and sugar – or perhaps some lemon?