Found in the Lost and Found

#writeclub #lostandfound Photo by Jonathan Borba on Now….how did that wind up in here? I’m pretty sure that someone’s going to miss it left on a platform at half past three as thoughts turned to tickets and the station car buffet It was found – abandoned – catching rays of summer sun creating colourful …


#MLMM Annija Veldre The aliens were a little bemused for while floating around earth, in the sky they spotted something , that made them confused and made them ask each other why? for sat by a stretch of a sandy beach a little girl stood surrounded by sea attracted by the balloons – there were …

Fairy lights

4th July 2018 A piece of poetry from inky’s mass of notebooks, with a nod and a wink to the #promptuarium Scattered like diamonds on black velvet the sky sparkles like precious cargo arrays of colours transmitted from light years away really catching the eye in the way each ‘jewel’ twinkles some would say – …

Colour of the crown

#Coloryourworld #cyw #royalpurple Perched on her majesty’s head Under the frame of silver and jewel Royal colour emits from the crown Perhaps – it denotes her status – as head of her church Like priests and bishops wear the colour in spring at mass in parishes up and down England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales


#Coloryourworld  #CYW #Aquamarine #Sea #Jewel #Birthstone A precious stone – that’s what you are Quite a beauty, like the colour of the sea Until they found you in the rocks A treasure hunter would travel many miles in search of the Mermaids treasure – you couldn’t be seen… A trick of the light ? perhaps …

Fortune (acrostic)

Fortune For as long as prospectors keep talking Oregon’s wagon trail has attracted people far and wide Round the wild valleys they roam Trekking around the carved out valleys for Unforetold riches from the Horde of Coins Navigating the challenging terrain can be difficult Enjoy your quest – but expect trouble along the gold scattered route.


Treasure Taken from merchant ships, by Rascals of the seven seas Every pirate worth their salty sea legs Admires the prize of jewels, silver and gold doubloons Some keep their precious horde hidden Under tropical sands , deserted shores – only Revealed many moons later by a younger Explorer, following the pirates charts and maps